The Downfall of UPA Government in India – A Poem

Welcome to UPA’s second rule
which happened to be so cool
it has used the common man only as a tool
and the poor Indians became a thought of a fool

its been 2 years now and they celebrating their second reign,
please aware them of common man’s pain

Since the time they have been there
please have a look of all what we had to bear:

Ashok Chavan was held responsible for stealing flats
He hides and lies about all the facts
He was supposed to become the chief minister
instead he was given the name of the Adarsh trickster

The public of India now calls him as a thief minister
He should know that those flat are of poor army,
Thank god I am not a soldier,
or else he would have grabbed my home and harm me.

This person was responsible for organising common wealth games,
instead he played his own common wealth games
He has hidden all the money for which he went to the prison
Stealing country’s money is nothing, but a sort of treason.
His name is Mr. Suresh Kalmadi,
we made him organise the CWG which was nothing
but a monumental tragedy.

how can we forget, Lalit Bhanot, his deputy,
he can only remember the word beauty.
paisa itna khaya ki Lalit mota hogaya,
Lo ji, apne desh ka paisa desh wale ne hi chori kar liya.

please welcome Andimuthu Raju,
2G spectrum ka chief maharaja
DMK is so pissed that their kani is in Jail,
Poor Ram Jethmalani couldnt even get her a bail.
Who cares that she stole India’s money?
Forget Kanimozhi, I have kept her new name i.e. Kani-money

We have our United Progressive Alliance.
Well we can see unity and we see an alliance.
But where is the Progression?
with an hardcore Combination,
Of ultimate sucking Inflation ,
It is nothing but an old good old Corruption.

This poor man had to stop eating
To remind our government from cheating!

Kapil Sibal is nothing but a breast beating,
He’ll do anything to for the Lokpal’s defeating.

CD’s are made by Amar Singh,
Phone calls are caught by Digvijay Singh ,
No wonder “Singh is King, Singh is King, Singh is King”

Its not only me who is complaining against the UPA,
How can we forgot the misdeeds against the NDA and 26/11
The only duty Chidambaram follows is to “condemn” 24/7

The Americans so easily entered into Pakistan,
Almost like a Shaktimaan,
They KILLED Osama,
Because that courageous decision was made by President Obama.

On the other hand, we cant even hang Kasab or Afzal Guru
Darte hai humare neta, na jaane kya ho jaye shuru.

Saalo tum sirf darte raho,
aur darr bhagane ke liye mountain dew peete raho.
Sara jeevan darr darr kar jeeyo
aur chullu bhar paani mein jakar doob maro.