What You Should Expect out of SEO in 2013

Over a short period of time in the last decade, the World Wide Web has grown to a massive extent. Big, small and medium enterprises from all over the world are trying to exploit the web world for marketing their brand and promoting their products. Therefore, the internet has emerged as a massive community consisting of millions of web pages. In this rat’s race, the task of search engine optimizer has become all the more difficult. Old methodologies like ‘link building’ are not going to yield the same result. They have to device much more improvised strategies to get recognized by the intelligent search engine like Google.

SEO in 2013


Most important changes

In the due course of time Google has integrated many intelligent algorithms to keep up with its aim of providing the readers with informative, relevant and latest search results among the thousands of related links with the blink of the eye. The primary aim behind all the changes has been to provide the readers with quality results and to keep up with this aim, the following improvisations were brought about in the previous years:


This algorithm was introduced with the sole aim of giving the relevant site with valid and productive information a better place in the search engine in comparison to those websites that get higher ranking owing to the better use of the search engine techniques like page ranking, indexing, keyword stuffing and others. Google took up the initiative to conduct real time surveys to identify the low quality site from the superior ones and made changes accordingly. The sole aim was to provide the users with a better experience and give the relevant and quality driven sites with better exposure.


This was another update in the Google algorithm which was introduced with the aim of providing the users with latest links that are indexed in the search engines. Though this algorithm is not faultless but it has definitely enhanced the user’s experience as they can get the latest updates on important issues within minimal time.


This algorithm was launched as a quest of Google against spam website and results. This algorithm can detect the information and links present in a website and thereafter separate them from relevant ones. Therefore, this algorithm detects all websites using black hat methods easily and deals with it severely.

These were some of the initial improvisations that were introduced by Google to enhance user’s experience. But it is persistently improvising and coming up with much more smart algorithm that are being designed after tracking the activities and conduct of the millions of Google users.



Importance on content

Therefore, it is high time to change the age old practices like ‘link building’ and focus on new strategies so that the potential customers take interest in your website. One way by which this result can be achieved is through content marketing. The webmasters should take up the initiative to provide the users with valuable and informative content in their website. This will help in building a large, loyal and potential list of audiences within minimum time and automatically help in popularizing a website.

Therefore, there is a shift of focus from link to audience building in the recent time. And of course Google will support and give the best exposure to the websites which have the latest update.

Consequently, the entrepreneurs who aim at expanding their online business need to focus on developing a solid and relevant content that will provide the audience with a valid reason to come back to the website time and again. They should communicate with the content developers and explain them the main objectives so that the developers can come up with relevant contents. The contents should be original and have all the technical details that the audiences are looking for. Moreover, they should also take extra care to make the website technically sound i.e. the websites are user friendly with no broken links, redirects and other such issues.

The basics of SEO for 2013

Instead of using the old tactics, it is time for the entrepreneurs to be passionately involved in promoting a particular brand. The primary thrust of the SEO specialists should be on making their presence as real as possible so that the customers are convinced about the services provided by your company or the products offered by it. It is not an easy task to get a higher rank among the huge number of competitors but you need to be patient, consistent and honest to attract the target audience to your site. This will help in building a loyal community who will act as the brand ambassador of your site. By following these strategies the users are going to create a niche and firm footing for themselves in the online marketing field.

Some initiative that you should introduce to enhance your sites ranking:

Firstly, make sure there are no technical errors in your site that will distract the visitors to your site. Make it attractive and engaging so that the users take interest in reading through the content of the site.

Secondly, take up the initiative to make your website mobile responsive so that the mobile users can also access it easily.

Thirdly, the content of the website should be apt and valuable as it is found to impact the conversion rate in a positive way.

Fourthly, employ inbound promoting techniques as it will help in giving your sites better ranking in the search engine result page.

These are some of the techniques with the application of which your site will become optimized and get higher rank in the search engines. The application of these strategies will certainly augment the return of the company from the website. So exploit them to your best abilities to establish your presence in the web world.

Google Panda Attacking Web-Ranking Graph: Brawl with Savior SEO Tips

After the strategic emergence of Google Panda updates by its parenting sphere, several websites attained tremendous jerks losing its crown and position. Google Panda tremendously shredded the newest change towards Google’s search results ranking algorithm while aiming at the low-quality or thin sites that never deserved the position they are attaining upon SERPs for long. These applications led the professional SEO services, webmasters as well the website owners under the surge of maintaining their websites to brawl and recover their rankings along the SERPs. At one point, Google disclosed some points that could assist the professional & affordable SEO services & webmasters with some relief with points advantaging ‘leap of faith’.

Very soon after the Panda updates, Google came up with an advisory that bullet-ed some points that are confrontational enough to measure your website gain quality in points. Let us check some of them which are essential enough to work benefit points for your website gaining the prominence over the format of Google Panda updates.

Say ‘NO’ to spamming or low quality contents

‘Content is a king’ which can perfectly share the relevance to you, if they are unique and never spammed by your website. Your contents should share their own strategies, ideas and experience without stealing them from the relevant sites as Google Panda updates highly keep eyes upon to ban or punish them with lower ranks. So, to rank in SERPs, you should avoid duplicate blogs and designs for website, link farms but effective usages of anchor texts should be done, etc.

Relevance is mandatory

Google Panda algorithm results share more benefits to those websites that are equally competent with similarities in their contents that are posted with relevance in keywords, too. Niche sites measure applauded site and SERP authority grants when they serve such brilliance. Relevance in adding videos from YouTube or Metacafe also works well as Google too loves their presence in your website displaying strategies.

Do more Guest posts

Link building strategies ascertained with article directories have measured a back seat in this age of Google Panda premium updates striking undeserved sites from SERPs. If you are looking for the assurance that can easily serve your demands in perfection avoiding Google Panda affects from you site, Guest blogging with higher page rank sites are just the great to deal.

Google Panda finds social networking site irresistible

What if a Panda, it too loves its presence in the social networking sites crowded by almost everyone who knows its presence. Real time sharing and updating benefits get its perfection with the presence of Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter sites perfectly. So, don’t mess up with Google Panda just by thwarting him in his likes!

Say‘NO’ to excessive advertisements

Extremity often leads to misleading disadvantages that never works worthy for any. Advertisements are good but not more with them is a strict rule ascertained by Google. It never suits the eye of Google, its users & the search bots too. I should strongly advocate the usage of unique contents, design and style to advertise website and not too much with the advertisements.

At last, have some patience & chariness

Panda effects can easily visit your website taking any of the faces or tricks to dissolve your website’s position. If you are careful and watchful with your website then it might fear you ever to visit once for again in lifetime. So, three cheers for your care and love for your website rocking well in the SERPs.


How Business Blogs Could Facilitate Enterprises

Many businesses ignore the advice of having a blog and keeping it updated. That’s mainly because they are clueless about the importance of business blog. Enterprises need to understand the essentially of blog for businesses, and the task of showcasing the importance rests upon the shoulders of internet marketers.

When a business touts itself, it is called ‘Marketing’. Marketing through internet is a more preferable option for many marketers because it helps them to reach out to a bulk amount of users and doesn’t always involve pricy means. The mix between marketing and internet becomes more functional once blogging is added to it.

From a typical internet marketer’s point of view, business blogs are tool to convert users to consumers. A business has its presence on the web but the website doesn’t have a blog section; this could damage user engagement because users won’t stay on the website for long time if there’s nothing engaging for them. As a result, the business will mislay the chance of turning random users to its dedicated customers.

Having a blog page and posting blogs on it on a regular basis drives better user engagement. A website that doesn’t update itself becomes stagnant. Users couldn’t expect anything new from it. Such a crack between a business and its potential consumers makes users less interested about the services or products, which the business sells.

Business blog serves another pivotal purpose. It delivers insights to established businesses, small and medium size enterprises and wannabe entrepreneurs. Since marketing is quite a dynamic area, there will never be dearth of insights; new products and applications are releasing every day, businesses are revamping themselves, new challenges are being paved and newer strategies are sought after. Insights are needed to capture this changing scenario, and business blogs offer such insights.

There’s yet another crucial aspect of business blog. If it is written with a recommended density of specific keywords, which are highly pertinent to the business, chances of the blog coming up on search engine results before users, who are searching by those keywords, will increase.

This way, more users will come to know about the website, thus about the business. So blogging not only helps businesses to boost user engagement, but also to augment their search engine friendliness.
Style and approach contain phenomenal importance in blogging. Business blogs are different from personal blogs. Accordingly, they should address the subject-matter directly and should have a crispy tone. This way, readers will stay focused on the blog to receive handy information.

Importance of blogging for businesses is on soaring side and experts believe that in coming days, it will increase leaps and bounds. So every enterprise, be it small, medium or large, should spend time and resources for building a solidified presence on the web in terms of blogging.

How Can You Improve Your Contact Form Conversion Rate Easily

Websites are the inanimate platform that actually acts as the liaison between you and the potential customers of your website. The websites have a huge role to play in connecting with all the potential customers and making them your loyal followers. Undoubtedly, the content of the website is extremely important as it will help your customer know about the various website and the services that are provided by you. But along with that contact form are also extremely important whereby the webmaster can directly reach out to the clients. Therefore, if you are a webmaster or a professional blogger, then you must endeavor to improvise the conversion rate of the contact form present in your site to augment the volume of valuable traffic to your site.



Here are five simple to do the same:

Firstly, it is best to stick to the basics when creating your contact form if you are interested in seeing instant results. I would request all the webmasters not to include unnecessary things in their contact form as the customer will lose interest in filling up so many details for some simple query. The effect of a simple contact form will be directly visible in your websites traffic as well as conversion rate.

Secondly, minimize the friction on your contact page as will help you to make more conversion rates. As a webmaster you need the fact that the contact form is designed in such a way that the users can handle the tabs easily. Moreover, another factor that they must keep in mind is that you should strategically place the submission tab in contact form.

Otherwise it might so happen that after filling the form the clients hits the cancel tab instead of the submission tab and as a result you lose a potential customer.

Thirdly, it is always advisable to keep the contact form as personal as possible as common people appreciate retorting to personal inquiry. Therefore, you should take the initiative to include such personalized tags in your contact form to keep the consumers engaged to your website.

Fourthly, most clients are not ready to fill in contact form as they are worried that after filling in important details like phone numbers and mail id, they will get endless number of spam or junk mails from these particular sites which are quite annoying for obvious reasons.

Therefore, to maximize the conversion rate from your contact for you need to ensure all you r potential clients that their personal details will be kept safely with you and utmost respect will be given to their privacy.

Fifthly, you should design the contact form in such a way that it can be used by the mobile users with ease as because the numbers of mobile internet users have increased to a great extent in the present time.

Sixthly, the ideal design of a contact form should have the opportunity of providing assistance to the valuable customers at each and every tab. This will help the consumers to keep engaged in their sites and the thus have a positive impact on the conversion rate.

These are some of the important ways which will definitely going to increase the number of conversion rate from your contact form. As a webmaster your ultimate motive is to provide the potential customers with a pleasant experience which will keep them engaged.

Thus make it as user friendly as possible to get the maximum benefit.