Internet Gives Journalism a New Curve

Let me ask you a very simple question. According to you what comes first? Technology or Creativity? I asked the same question to my colleagues also. Some said you can’t have one without the other and many said they are totally separate concepts. But I believe when it comes to Web Journalism, the creative technologies goes hand in hand.

I was really thrilled to see a new innovation from New York Times last evening. They have followed up their “Times Reader Desktop” application with one of the greatest online news reading product called “The Times Wire.” What it does? It merges the friendfeed application with Twitter and keeps on updating every minute with the latest news and blog posts from Seriously amazing. This is the future of Journalism.

Attention!! the War has started between print and web journalism

Attention!! the War has started between print and web journalism

The day is not very far when Journalism will only continue to innovate online. There will be soon a day when the on-ground journalists will provide national as well as international news on a traditional media platform. Already the major Print Media houses have started their publications on net including The Times Group and The Hindustan Times.

Creating an online news organisation will allow these newspaper agencies to become a part of growing trend of news consumption that goes online and escape from all the problems currently being experienced by these traditional Media houses. I am sure that it is on web that Journalism will develop new opportunities and strength. Though Online Journalism has not yet developed like other industries including retail and music, but there are heavy chances of some thrilling changes in the field of web journalism.

Many institutes abroad have their program on Online Journalism and more and more students are applying for it every year. In India though it is in the developing period, I am sure the day is not far when all the institutes providing Journalism and mass communication courses will start following the theories of Web Journalism.

What I see today is that the Journalists have moved their content from the legacy platform and they have found a way to put it on the web and they have forgotten to do some experimentation with it. There will be a new era of journalism which will experiment new business ideas and editorial models of journalism.

But the most important question that came to my mind right now is that : Can this internet based media fulfill all the public service demands that newspapers, TV, Radio has been playing in the mass media era with professional journalists and deep pockets??

The day is not very far when all the newspaper agencies will have a news website too

The day is not very far when all the newspaper agencies will have a news website too

I am very optimistic here. I guess Internet Journalism will be definitely a force constructive change for our society and mass media. I wish this internet was introduced 15 years back when anyone could publish anything they want. At that time I am sure journalists would have celebrated such a positive development in our society. I am not saying that any xyz blogger can do investigative reporting but the internet has few capabilities that can prove very influential in the field of Journalism.

First, the openness in the internet that allows anyone to publish whatever they want. Bloggers have the capabilities that can catch the attention of the public. Secondly, news can be spread via person to person communication in a fraction of seconds by the means of e-mail or hyper linking each others news in their own article. This is surely a viral characteristics of Journalism. Thirdly the RSS Feed or the feed reading software. Through RSS feeds stories reach to only those people who knew it existed.

Now it is just a time to wait and watch the new curve that Journalism is bringing in the mass media with Internet.

Fingers Crossed!!