The Downfall of UPA Government in India – A Poem

Welcome to UPA’s second rule
which happened to be so cool
it has used the common man only as a tool
and the poor Indians became a thought of a fool

its been 2 years now and they celebrating their second reign,
please aware them of common man’s pain

Since the time they have been there
please have a look of all what we had to bear:

Ashok Chavan was held responsible for stealing flats
He hides and lies about all the facts
He was supposed to become the chief minister
instead he was given the name of the Adarsh trickster

The public of India now calls him as a thief minister
He should know that those flat are of poor army,
Thank god I am not a soldier,
or else he would have grabbed my home and harm me.

This person was responsible for organising common wealth games,
instead he played his own common wealth games
He has hidden all the money for which he went to the prison
Stealing country’s money is nothing, but a sort of treason.
His name is Mr. Suresh Kalmadi,
we made him organise the CWG which was nothing
but a monumental tragedy.

how can we forget, Lalit Bhanot, his deputy,
he can only remember the word beauty.
paisa itna khaya ki Lalit mota hogaya,
Lo ji, apne desh ka paisa desh wale ne hi chori kar liya.

please welcome Andimuthu Raju,
2G spectrum ka chief maharaja
DMK is so pissed that their kani is in Jail,
Poor Ram Jethmalani couldnt even get her a bail.
Who cares that she stole India’s money?
Forget Kanimozhi, I have kept her new name i.e. Kani-money

We have our United Progressive Alliance.
Well we can see unity and we see an alliance.
But where is the Progression?
with an hardcore Combination,
Of ultimate sucking Inflation ,
It is nothing but an old good old Corruption.

This poor man had to stop eating
To remind our government from cheating!

Kapil Sibal is nothing but a breast beating,
He’ll do anything to for the Lokpal’s defeating.

CD’s are made by Amar Singh,
Phone calls are caught by Digvijay Singh ,
No wonder “Singh is King, Singh is King, Singh is King”

Its not only me who is complaining against the UPA,
How can we forgot the misdeeds against the NDA and 26/11
The only duty Chidambaram follows is to “condemn” 24/7

The Americans so easily entered into Pakistan,
Almost like a Shaktimaan,
They KILLED Osama,
Because that courageous decision was made by President Obama.

On the other hand, we cant even hang Kasab or Afzal Guru
Darte hai humare neta, na jaane kya ho jaye shuru.

Saalo tum sirf darte raho,
aur darr bhagane ke liye mountain dew peete raho.
Sara jeevan darr darr kar jeeyo
aur chullu bhar paani mein jakar doob maro.

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart



On these eve of Christmas

I’ll have you near

I’ll wrap you around my arms

And will hold you my darling dear.


I ll touch that lips of wine

When you stand near the mistletoe

My heart will be with you

Everywhere you go.


I don’t care what I get for Christmas

You are all I need

I really want to tell you

You are very important to me

And my every thought for you

Is as loving as it can be.


My heart is all filled with feelings

That words alone can’t express

This heart is only for you

filled with love on Christmas day.


You know that I love you

I have always loved you from the very start

Always be my little princess

You have a key to my heart.


In every little things that I do

you are always a part

A loving of thought of you

Is always there in my heart.


I thank you for each little wish of mine,

Which you tried to make come true

On this Christmas eve, I just want to say

Baby I love you.


I really want you to know

How much precious you are to me

My every little thought of you

Is as adorable as it can be.


May these memories that we cherish

And all the joys we recall

Help make this special day

Our very best of all


You always doing such lovely things

It creates a special touch

It was certainly the best thing to have you

Thank you, thank you very much!!!

Let Me Trust You Forever


Everyday I am getting more afraid

Of giving my heart away

I don’t know what love will bring

I am afraid of hearing the words you say.


I find myself completely lost in you

Thought I am not sure I really want to be

I often remembers the looks you give

And wonder what exactly you see in me


I don’t want to live with a broken heart

Why am I so lost in love?

And I am not able to give up

For a guy who was sent from above


I am gonna trust you

Promise me you won’t let me down

I am giving you a golden chance

please turn my life around.


Please never take me for granted

Because it might not last for long,

I am very weak with thoughts

And my heart is not very strong.


Now my life is in your hands

And its all upto you

I look forward for a future with you

And the things we would do.


Please remember, I am vulnerable

I can’t allow my heart to be hurt,

Always keep me at the top of your list

No matter you keep me at the first.


Have faith in me when I tell you,

That I Love You with all my heart

that I am here for you always

Just like I was at the start…



Finally He Came and Took Me Away

It was their eyes who were telling the stories

It was their heart that was strumming a beat,

The smirks had no reason to stop

Their heart is all filled with dreams.

Finally their prayers were answered,

All their wait was over

It was time for their love to culminate

Their souls finally decided to become one.

All their tears were evaporated

the heart of both was playing a different tune,

their minds could hardly believe

The “Diamond” could easily convinced her of the tale.

The tale of a beautiful princess,

who always believed in fairy tale

She had a dream of a fairy knight

who would one day come

and make her live her life her way.

She had in herself a strong belief,

even though the entire world disagreed

people laughed at her foolishness,

and asked her to forget the tale.

But she had all faith in power,

it was the power of love which bursts with a spark

the spark which made her trust blindly the prince,

who will come one day to fulfill her dreams.

The day had finally come

and the prince was bowed to love

he promised her to take away forever to his fairyland

where fairies will always protect

to live the story written by angels of the God..