When I Wrote Letter To My Past Self

I never advice anyone to change the past. Why we should talk about change the past to make our future better? But still on someone’s request I decided to write a letter to my past self on behalf of my future self :)

My Dear Past Self,

Hope you are doing good and enjoying yourself. I know that you like “to do” lists. I am sure about this. You have my full assurance. In fact you ll have one for each day, one for each week passing by. Hopefully, you will also have one for the rest of your life too.

I know you consider yourself master of your own universe but please do not forget that there is always a sense of accomplishment from being able to chuck out some items off that list. Its a fact that you ll thrive on feeling accomplished.

In front of the world, you show that you are so cool, calm and relaxed during the exams and presentations. But remember one thing, all you need is to win the “to do” lists that is saved in your dictionary. If something is willing to be happened, it will happen and it will not only happen, but it will happen on time.

There is no absolute control on this. No body is imposing any order on you. This is your skill. This is your talent. Your strength. Your power and trust me no one else can take away this from you.

Time will come when the over grown discontentment will fester inside you. There will be no time left for you to crave anymore. I am sure you have understood what I am talking about. You have seen the flashes of my happy life that came only for short period of time.

Do you remember the time when you proposed a girl in front of entire class because you just wanted to? You remember the time when the girl you loved so much married the other guy? You remember the first love whom you made me meet again after so many years?

Trust me these little moments of rebellion will never ever change.

There will be a time when you ll have no plans except to live life to the fullest. You will trust that your life will make a positive change sooner. You will realize that it is not about choosing the right career path in your life or making all your dreams come true. It is actually the process of making yourself happy and to give life a reason for living.

You ll feel like not adjusting yourself in the precise mold but you would like to adjust yourself in the most chaotic moments of your life. This is the part of live where you ll feel yourself alive.

If not this you ll find yourself locked in an isolated room with no light. Give your life a reason of living, not for others, but for your own self. Involve people who wants to see you happy always.


Your to be Future Self

Just wanted to Tell you through Letters

I really had an idea about this post since quite a long time – just imagine the whole month is about to pass and finally I met this challenge and took it up instantly for myself. I hope all you are doing fine? I am sure all of you must be super busy with your usual stuffs but please do bear with me as i need to pour some really important letters. Do not worry it won’t be too long, i am sure most of you have already started yawning.

It has been a super busy week for me at work but even then just managed to pile up these letters with good pictures possible and I hope all of you would enjoy reading this!!!

1.) Dear Best Friend

A very very congratulation to you. One thing which I would always regret is how I never could said goodbye to you. Wish I had that time which would have motivated me to move on. I whole heartedly thank you for always being there with me and sharing some beautiful moments with me which I still cherish!!

2.) Dear Crush (present)

Why did you have to be so so younger to me? For me age doesn’t really matter but still why could you not be someone with whom I could have spend my entire life?

3.) Dear Mom and Dad

I promise that one day both of you will feel proud of me. Yes it will be possible because you are the best parents in this world, a spoiled guy like me could ever have. Thanks a lot for bearing my nonsense and putting up with my essence. Love you both.

4.) Dear Sister

I Know there are many complications between you and me since childhood but you could never understand things from my point of view. Yes we quarrel a lot but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It is because of your inspiration and motivation, I am trying to achieve success in whatever way I can.

5.) Dear Dreams

I know the day is not far when we both will be unstoppable. You will turn out to be a reality some day and we would make a happy family!

6.) Dear Unknown

I really want to make a request to you. I hope we can be just more than friends as soon as possible.

7.) Dear Love of my Life

I would like to make a confession and that is I love you and only you. If I were you I would have never let you go away from my life. Please be with me always, holding my hand in my pains and sorrows. Your emotions are mine, you will always be an essential part of my life.

8.) Dear Internet Friends

Thanks a lot all of you. You guys have tolerated me a lot when there was no one to talk to me. You guys have always been supporting and I really appreciate that.

9.) Dear someone I want to meet

I don’t think I will be able to meet you but still I would like to leave a spot in your mind. Maybe we can be great friends at some point of time in future.

10.) Dear Someone I don’t talk as much as I should do

I know I am not able to tell you everything but trust me I myself want to be close to you. I sometimes keep talking to my imaginary mind and keep getting advices from there. Who do you think is that someone?

11.) Dear Enemy

Trust me I miss those fights, those quarrels. I would like to redo all those things which we did in past months. I wish you all the best in life.

12.) Dear Person I hate the most

You have always screwed up my life. You have always send misery to me. I dislike you for this and will always do this.

13.) Dear Someone I feel could forgive my faults

Do you really know how sad I am for committing those mistakes. I really apologize to you. This is for everyone whom I have ever hurt, lied etc. I really apologize from bottom of my heart.

14.) Dear Someone who drifted away me

You think I really care?

15.) Dear Someone I miss a lot

You have not been a part of my life yet but still a single day is not passed when I dont think about you. I just wish you and me tied together in a matrimony.

16.) Dear Someone who is not a part of my state/country

I haven’t met you in reality but trust me you are the nicest person I have met through blogging. I really appreciate for all those kind words you use for me and my blog. I hope one day either you or me can visit each other’s country and we can have a gala time together.

17.) Dear Someone from my Childhood

I want to thank you for being there and supporting me then. And I Also thank you for not being a part of my life anymore.

18.) Dear Someone I want to be alike

I am sure you are a great dad, friend, brother, boss, son and I hope I could be just a like you some day in the future.

19.) Dear Someone whom I can’t get away from my mind

Everytime I see you, I just keep looking at you and wonder how gorgeous you are. You are kind of woman whom I want in my life. Please come out of dreams as fast as you can.

20.) Dear Someone I judged seeing you for the 1st time

I always judge people with the 1st impression. So people be aware!!

21.) Dear Someone I want to forgive

I Know you never did anything intentionally to hurt me, but trust me my family and friends are important to me and hurting them is equal to hurting me. If you think we can be together again as a friend you are most welcome!

22.) Dear Someone who gave me my best moment

That really makes up for every bad thing you did to me. You are the one someone who gave me the best moments of my life.

23.) Dear Someone I Know is passing through the bad phase

You are great and if you can, you can!

24.) Dear Someone that changed my life

Yes you did it. You made me confident. I will always be grateful to you for this.

25.) Dear Someone to whom I want to tell everything but I am afraid of

I Know i am not able to tell you many things right now but some day I am sure i will hold that courage to tell you.

26.) Dear Mirror

Please don’t change yourself. You are perfect the way you are. You smile when I smile, you cry when I cry. Thanks for always being there with me.

27.) Dear Best Girl Friend

I just want to say one thing, “Thank You!!”

28.) Dear Future wife

I guess there is not much to discuss with you at the moment. My life is an open book and you can read everything yourself. Its just that I am waiting desperately for you. I am waiting for you to steal my last name.

29.) Dear Someone who is not reading this post

I never forced anyone to read this anyway. No one seems to care at all. So whats the point here?

30.) Dear I. Me and Myself

Believe in what you do, be confident and fight till the last if you are right. Dream Big, achieve high!!!

A Girl that took My Breadth Away

I so wanted to preach you guys about someone since  a long time. About a certain side of someone who often pleases my eyes. You can take my words for it when you will come to know the things that are hidden and when the tempest will hit.

Her name is Sanjana aka Sanju. She often wonders why is she working when the work doesn’t even pay her off well and as a result of this her motivation level starts sinking. She likes to be spoon fed, she likes to get spoiled and so she is losing her ability to do it herself. She loves to sit on facebook every now and then no matter she is in office or at home.

Well its yet another day. Ok I let me introduce to a girl now who doesn’t even give a rat’s ass to cricket matches or about the politics of the country. Please guys note that this girls doesn’t  wants to be popular at all. She knows she has got her own individuality and she is very happy with this fact. She is not a stereotypical Indian. She wants to stand out on her own which often gives me a relief and a breather. She knows that the people around her are way to hypocritical of every one’s existence and everyone is being a matter of to each other.

She is not found everywhere other than her home premises or maybe in her office and sometimes in clubs. There is a lot of mystery in her eyes and when any guy is looking for any kind of love for her , they can never locate her. Unlike the 100 million women of the country she thinks therefore she is. She is much too obsessed with being a girl than anything else in this world. She thinks her values are always moderately conservative.

She has got a lovely hair, a very natural. She doesn’t like to experiment with that at all. Though she tried 2-3 different hair styles but she often likes them to be free open so that winds can easily embrace them. She is open to ideas but it gets on her nerves when anyone tells her that she is wrong and he is right. She thinks whatever she do is right. She is sometimes very rude and a lot stubborn in such scenarios. She likes visiting malls not to check the guys but she buys what she likes. In any case if any guy is ogling then she ll look at him with a harsh look and then they never look at her again.

She is well aware of the constitutions of the country but she doesn’t care if any clause is changing or not. She only worries about the clause where it says the air is free and so she breathes without paying any tax.

She likes to spend her time in grooming herself and she is often caught staring herself in the mirror. She doesn’t like going to the temples because she feels that the God is everywhere, all you need to do is pay attention and that is what she do everyday. She is a complete party freak and at any moment of the day she can party. She loves reading and she hates watching. People often like watching those stupid soaps and serials that eat up  good time for them . All they do is just learn some rubbish from them and nothing else. She often likes sticking to books and gives ample space to her imagination that blooms.

She has no regrets in life because she loves the kind she is. She is very rebellious and she has got her own sets of right and wrongs but she fears and often gets scared of losing out that someone special in her life. Nobody can instruct her on anything. She is a fast learner too.

Even she wants to get settled one day with a lovely husband but that doesn’t means she wants eat off his pay check. She wants to be an independent lady because she is well educated and has will and power to do anything she likes though she wants her man to be on her side always.

Till date she owes her existence to only one man i.e. her father. She thinks there is no one else capable enough like him. She wants her man to be like him always. Though her father is not a perfect man, yet he has taught her to be genuine and honest which will go a long way with her.

I have so many more things to tell you about her. But for now this is more than enough.  She is not that typical girly girl with a sexy and seductive voice, batting eyelids, she doesn’t even try to catch in every men. She like to wait and sit for the one who can recognize her essence .

Maybe her wait is over!!!

The ABC’s of ME and only ME

A – Always argue in favor of LOVE

B – Best Feature in ME : Smile

C – Could do without : Show Off

D – Dreams and Desires : to have a Degree of World’s Best Husband

E – Essential Requirements : Love, Love and only Love

F – Favorite pass time : Making Love

G – Good in : Love Making

H – Have Never Tried : a Loveless Life

I - If I had million pounds : I’d buy only Love

J – Jealous of : Other Lovers

K – Kind Spirit : A partner like Juliet

L – Lesser known fact about ME : I always fall in love, never rise in it

M – Memorable Moment : When I met Her

N – Never again I will : Leave her alone

O – occasional likeliness : Chocolates

P - Profession : Pampering Her

Q – Quote : When You LOVE, then only you ll be Loved

R – Reason to be Happy : Best Life Partner

S – Sorry for : My 1st Girlfriend, she lost gem of a person

T – Things to worry : Fear of Losing her

U – Uninterested in : showing Ego

V - very afraid of – Living a life without her

W – Worst habit : very emotional

X – Xtra attachment : only with my partner

Y – Yummiest dessert : Her lips

Z – Zodiac Sign : Cancer

By Saurabh Dhanuka Posted in myself