In Love with Las Vegas

Yes it is true that I am in love with Las Vegas. The most happening place in the world,Vegas is just the place you should look for a holiday the coming winter season. Right now I guess I would not be able to afford a holiday in Vegas but will definitely one day.

Vegas is a place which will force you to spend more and more money each day you stay there. The casinos there and the Vegas shows is what for it is so famous. If you really want some entertaining to brooze up your lifestyle then Vegas is the best place to visit. I watching the movie, Hangover, the other day where the four friends spend a week in Vegas to celebrate pre-marriage activities. You can say that the movie was some how the part of an inspiration for me to visit Vegas.

No doubt, Las Vegas is the top destination to spend a week with a family and even your girl friend. I was amazed to know that out of 20 biggest hotels of US, 17 are in Vegas. World class dining, shopping, gaming, partying is all I would be looking for in Vegas. Just cant wait to see the Sin City. Let’s hope I am able to visit Vegas soon.