Hardest Truth Behind The Indian Tobacco Industry

Tobacco products have been used in India for centuries. The cigarette industry is considered one of the oldest in this country.

India is the second largest manufacturer of cigarette products in the world after China, according to statistics. It produces 572 million kilograms of tobacco annually. The tobacco industry is divided into three completely different sectors: bidis, smokeless tobacco (mostly chewing tobacco) and cigarettes.

In spite of being the second biggest producer, India is only the ninth exporter of tobacco and smoking products in the world after Brazil, China, Italy, Malawi and USA. Nowadays India is exporting tobacco to more than 80 nations all over the world.

Of the total tobacco produced in India, only one-third is flue-cured tobacco that is appropriate for cigarette manufacturing. Most of the tobacco is suitable for the production of chewing tobaccos, bidis and other lower priced smoking products, which are not popular outside the country.

The Indian tobacco market is dominated by the three major tobacco companies, primarily International Tobacco Company (ITC), which is one of the India’s outstanding private sectors with a market capitalization of about US $ 33 billion, a return of US $ 7 billion and with 72% market share. And the last but not the least important manufacturers are – Godfrey Phillips with 12% and Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company (VST) with 8% share of the market.

Cigarette advertising contributed to Rs 3000-4000 million every year to the Indian advertising industry, before the ban on tobacco advertising was introduced. However tobacco companies continue advertising and promoting their products through point-of-sale. Besides the local popular cigarette brands as Gold Flake and Wills, such world known smokes as Marlboro already gained big popularity among Indian smokers.

Chewing tobacco is a traditional smoking product in India. Of all tobacco produced in the country approximately 48% are chewing tobacco, 38% bidis, and only 14% regular cigarettes. Thus such products as snuff, chewing tobacco and bidis constitute 86% of India’s entire tobacco production, in comparison to 90% of cigarette production in the rest of the world.

The use of cigarettes in India is merely a tenth of the world average. Cigarette smokers pay about 85% of the total tax proceeds derived from tobacco. Tobacco taxes in India are below the rate advised by the World Bank. For example of the 1.1 billion smokers worldwide, 182 million or 16% live in India thus accounting for about 102 billion cigarettes consumed per year. The recent studies have demonstrated that 44-63% of all men and 12%-31% of all women use some form of tobacco. The smoking rate among teenagers aged 13-15 in 12 Indian states, is higher by 40% than in nine north eastern states.

The World Health Organization and World Bank recommend prohibiting all forms of tobacco promotionand advertising. Such bans could reduce the worldwide demand of tobacco by around 7%. Despite industry denials, the overwhelming majority of independent studies show that tobacco advertising leads to an increase in its consumption.

An open letter to the World Champion

I know it might be pretty late for this post but couldn’t help it posting as it is a special request from a special friend (name cannot be mentioned on personal request).  He is a die hard fan of Indian Cricket but he have some issues with the Indian Cricket Team. He is not a writer, neither a blogger like me, so he wanted me to post his views in my blog. I was with him for almost 2-3 hours when we discussed the massive win by Indian Cricket in the World Cup finals 2011.

The post will be in the form of an open letter to our Indian Cricket Team captain, MS Dhoni. (I wish he somehow some day or the other manages to read this)

Dear MS,

First of all, many many congratulations for the massive win in the world cup finals and I wish you keep winning all the games like this. You and your team has made every single Indian feel so proud.

World Champions!!!

I am sure you must be feeling like Bachendri Pal right now, on top of the world. The day was special, you were special too. As per me, you played the most mature and responsible captain’s innings and that last SIX of yours made me bow you at that very moment. Winning a world cup final with a SIX is something worth remembering forever.

The earlier generation has Kapil Dev, I believe they won by fluke. Today we have you and we have won as favourites. I am sure you will include me in the list of top MS Dhoni fans because I have promised myself to buy only Orient PSP0 fans, drink only Pepsi, get an Aircel connection and will drive Hero Honda from now on. If someday I have enough money, I promise to buy one of those Amrapali Apartments with granite slabbed modular kitchens.

I also promise that if I would be blessed with a son, I will send him to the same Cricket Academy where you got trained. I would be oblige if you can sign his bat with your autograph.

I was very surprised with all the news regarding captaincy blunders that were eventually cooked by Media. I have heard that you were forced to bring Nehra for the semis and he performed fantastic. Many people wanted you to bring Ashwin in the finals but I guess you had more faith in bhajji than any other spinners in the team. It is better to ignore these people and especially the media. They are just jealous with your success and at the end of the day you are the World Champions and not them.

Also, I would like to tell you that I have Rupees twenty thousand as a part of betting on India Win. I know I Know you must be thinking why betting and all which is not legal in India, but how does it matter, after all I earned well.

I am really happy and convinced with the over all performance of all the players and after the end of the match, I saved almost fifty pictures from web media including flickr and various news site. I will preserve them forever and show them to my grand children some day.

All in one, I would say that you have set the perfect example of hard working, leadership, planning and perseverance. I just wish that my son one day picks up these traits from you and become a fine player like you. When my wife will be pregnant, I will make sure that her room in the hospital is filled with all your pictures so that she blesses me with a player like you.

I would like to point out some observations infront of you. I know I should not interfering but these are just advices from your die hard fan:

1.) Trust me Piyush Chawala have some great potentials. Please stick him to the Indian Team for a while and he will definitely prove himself in world class cricket.

2.) It would be great if Yuvraj Singh can share his “Revital” with the rest of the team. I mean look what he just did for the team.

3.) Can you please ask Pepsi to teach the boys more batting and bowling techniques to the boys. The helicopter shot in the finals created magic which helped us win the match.

4.) Please share boost with all the bowlers of our team. They often look so malnourished. Munaf Patel runs slower than my mom and Nehra is injured most of the times. As it is his bones seem fragile.

Well these are just advices on my point of view, of course you know best. You are the great leader of Indian Cricket now.

Many rumours erupted during the World Cup finals, i.e. India had to win the finals because people say huge money was involved from India in the betting market. Not only this, People also told me that India had to win because of huge sum of money is invested for the betterment of World Cricket from India. I don’t understand who are these people to spread such shitty rumours?

Anyway I guess that is the part of Cricket and I know behind every successful person there will be 100 unsuccessful people to back stab him.

God Bless you always and I wish you all the best for your future tenure.

Phew!!!!! I guess that was enough from my friend and so I decided to end this post with a note. No matter who wins or lose, end of the day Cricket is nothing but any other form of Entertainment for people.

Is it Just me? Or it includes You too?

Last night my Brain asked me a question, if I had any ideas for this Valentine’s day, or if I just wanted her to surprise with something in the dark and come up with something woefully inadequate. I guess it was just a kind of joke because every time we just decide to do something or the other together. I woke up and turned on my radio. I was listening to one of the show where people were calling in and deciding on what they would be doing on this valentine’s day. Earlier only men were calling but then women also started calling. It was not just the other way round. I am not sure whether you will agree with this or not but it just seems to be a general consensus these days.

Valentine’s day has always been one of the most special days for most of us. For many couples this day is special as they celebrate their anniversaries. It is important for both the partners to plan a beautiful romantic valentine’s day which can give an ultimate pleasure to both of you. I just want to help my friends with some amazing ideas this year on 14th February, a day of love and romance.

It is very important for you to decide that whether you want to give him/her a surprise or you want to celebrate the day as a joint effort with your partner. For surprises all you need is a good creative mind. Your partner would really love and appreciate your thoughtfulness and loving care. It would be like a thrill ride to plan for each other something special on the v-day. Remember, that planning a romantic v-day together will give an opportunity to both of you to even enjoy more time together and to create a lovable experience.

If you really wanna avoid the last minute hitches, then it is advisable for you to decide a plan 2-3 days before. There can be a chance when wont be able to get a table in his/her favorite restaurant or maybe the wonderful gift that you might have thought for him/her might not be available any more. To avoid all these confusions you have to plan  ahead and make all the arrangements well in advance. Trust me if you really put a great deal of time and your effort in planning your v-day celebration, your partner will feel very special and treasured.

Giving an unique gift to that someone special will definitely arouse that special feeling in him/her about the care from your side. I am not saying that your gift should be very expensive, it has to be unique, something very special for him/her. Red roses has been a traditional gift for the v-day. Why not try something different this year?

Maybe something like a rose bush for her garden which will always remind her of you. Or, maybe a romantic gift baskets with full of special treats which will add an lovable recipe to your love life. It will keep the memory of the day alive as you can fill the basket with your and his photographs inside it. A mouth watering dish cooked by yourself for your partner on this day can be very seductive for both of you.

Love always doesnt mean that you have to gift him/her expensive gifts. What is more important is togetherness, trust which should be always there between both of you. That is the best gift you can give to your partner. Moreover, giving time to each other no matter how much busy you are will just add a sugar to your life.

Victims of 26/11 Terror Attack

Following is the list of names of people who were victims and affected during the 26/11 Terror attack in the capital city of India, Mumbai.


  • Salim Husain Harharwala,
  • Mehzabin @ Maria Salim Harharwala,
  • Rivka Gavriel Holtzberg,
  • Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg,
  • Gajendra Singh,
  • Ben Zion Chroman,
  • Norma Shvarzblat Robinovich,
  • Rajendrakumar Baburam Sharma
  • Yocheved Or-paz,
  • Subhash Vanmali Vaghela,
  • Pirpashi Mehboobali Shaikh,
  • Shahabuddin Sirajuddin Khan,
  • Harishbhai Durlabbhai Gohil,
  • Hidaytulla Anwarali Kazi,
  • Malyesh Manvendra Banarjee,
  • Gourav Balchand Jain,
  • P. K. Gopalkrishnan,
  • Kamal Nanakram Motwani,
  • Jurgen Hienrich Rudolf,
  • Daphne Hilary Schmidt,
  • Hemant Kamlakar Karkare,
  • Ashok Marutrao Kamte,
  • Vijay Sahdev Salaskar,
  • Bapurao Sahebrao Durgade,
  • Balasaheb @ Nana Chandrakant Bhosale,
  • Arun Raghunath Chite,
  • Jayawant Hanumant Patil,
  • Yogesh Shivaji Patil,
  • Surendrakumar Bindu Rama,
  • Prakash Pandurang More,
  • Vijay Madhukar Khandekar,
  • Baban Balu Ughade,
  • Bhanu Devu Narkar,
  • Thakur Budha Vaghela,
  • Bhagan Gangaram Shinde,
  • Shivshankar Nirant Gupta,
  • T. Suda Hisashi,
  • Murad Amarsi,
  • Loumiya Hiridaji Amarsi,
  • Sher Alen Michael,
  • Neomi Leiya Sher,
  • Sandeep Kisan Jeswani,
  • Lo Hawai Yen,
  • Jhirachant Kanmani @ Jina
  • Altino D’ Lorenjo,
  • Brett Gilbert Tailor,
  • Farukh Dinshaw,
  • Reshama Sunil Parekh,
  • Sunil Shevantilal Parekh
  • Ajit Shrichand Chabriya
  • Sanjay Vijay Agrawal
  • Rita Sanjay Agrawal,
  • Mohit Kanhaiyalal Harjani,
  • Monika Ajit Chabriya,
  • Harsha Mohit Harjani,
  • Ravi Dara,
  • Uma Vinod Garg,
  • Pankaj Somchand Shah,
  • Ashok Kapoor
  • Anand Suryadatta Bhatt,
  • Rohington Bajji Mallu,
  • Kannubhai Zaverbhai Patel,
  • Ami Bipinchandra Thakar,
  • Jordan Geigy Fernandise,
  • Neeta Prakash Gaikwad,
  • Shaunak Jayawant Chemburkar,
  • Wilson Baburao Mandalik,
  • Sarjerao Sadashiv Bhosale,
  • Jasmin Mahendrasingh Burji,
  • Sanjay Sambhajirao Surve,
  • Bimolchand Mybem,
  • Mohabbat Umer Abdul Khalid,
  • Laxminarayan Goyal,
  • Mrs. Jarina Samsuddin Shaikh,
  • Fulchandra Ramchandra Bind,
  • Mrs. Reema Mohamad Rabivul Shaikh,
  • Shashank Chandrasen Shinde,
  • Hamina Begum Hamid Shaikh,
  • Asharaf Ali Allahrakha Shaikh,
  • Ajij Nabilal Rampure,
  • Aakash Akhilesh Yadav,
  • Mukesh Bhikaji Jadhav,
  • Sitaram Mallapa Sakhare,
  • Rahamtulla Ibrahim,
  • Mishrilal Mourya Shri Garib Mourya,
  • Vinod Madanlal Gupta,
  • Sunil Ashok Thackare,
  • Haji Ejaj Bhai Imamsaheb Dalal,
  • Meera Narayan Chattarji,
  • Shirish Sawla Chari,
  • Sushilkumar Vishwambhar Sharma,
  • Muralidhar Laxman Choudhary,
  • Ambadas Ramchandra Pawar,
  • Jaikumar Durairaj Nadar,
  • Deepali Janardhan Chitekar,
  • Raju Janardhan Chitekar,
  • Aditya Ashok Yadav
  • Isibul Raheman Faizuddin Raheman Shaikh,
  • Prakash Janath Mandal,
  • Harakha Lalji Solanki,
  • Mohamad Anamat Mohamad Ali,
  • Sarafraz Sallauddin Ansari,
  • Ayub Yakub Qureshi,
  • Afarin Shahadab Qureshi,
  • Avadesh Sudama Pandit,
  • Chandulal Kashinath Tandel,
  • Manohar Sohani,
  • Mohamad Husain Mohamad Alamgir Shaikh,
  • Murtaza Ansari Sallauddin Ansari,
  • Mohamad Arif Mohamad Islam Ansari,
  • Mohamad Mukhtar Malik,
  • Abbas Rajjab Ansari,
  • Unknown Male Person,
  • Mrs. Gangabai Baburao Kharatmol,
  • Narul Islam Ajahar Mulla,
  • Murgan Palaniya Pillai,
  • Rakhila Abbas Ansari
  • Nitesh Vijaykumar Sharma,
  • Fatmabi Rehaman Shaikh,
  • Meenu Arjun Ansari,
  • Mohamad Itihas Ansari,
  • Mastan Munir Qureshi,
  • M. V. Anish,
  • Upendra Birju Yadav,
  • Unknown Male Person,
  • Poonam Bharat Navadia,
  • Baichan Ramprasad Gupta,
  • Nathuni Parshuram Yadav,
  • Amarchand Naran Solankhi,
  • Tukaram Ombale,
  • Major Sandip Unnikrishanan,
  • Rahul Subhash Shinde,
  • Zaheen Sayyed Nisar Ali Jafary Mateen,
  • Andres Don Levera,
  • Gunjan Vishandas Narang,
  • Vishandas Giridharidas Narang,
  • Vijayrao Anandrao Banja,
  • Sadanand Ratan Patil,
  • Thomas Verghese,
  • Ravi Jagan Kunwar,
  • Boris Mario Do Rego,
  • Satpakkam Rahmatulla Shaukatali,
  • Faustine Basil Martis,
  • Kaizad Naushir Kamdin,
  • Neelam Vishandas Narang,
  • Rupinder Devenersing Randhava,
  • Eklak Ahmed Mustak Ahmed,
  • Maksud Tabarakali Shaikh,
  • Feroz Jamil Ahmed Khan,
  • Teitelbaum Aryeh Levish,
  • Duglas Justin Markell,
  • Chaitilal Gunish,
  • Willem Jan Berbaers,
  • Nitisingh Karamveer Kang,
  • Samarveer Singh Karamveer Singh Kang,
  • Udaysingh Karamveer Singh Kang,
  • Sabina Saigal Saikia,
  • Hema Kasi Pillai,
  • Rajiv Omprakash Sarswat,
  • Gautam Devsingh Gosain,
  • Rajan Eshwar Kamble,
  • Burki Ralph Rainer Jachim,
  • Hemant Pravin Talim,
  • Shoeb Ahmed Shaikh,
  • Michael Stuart Moss and
  • Elizabeth Russell