Six Best SEO tricks to help Your CTR Rank Rise

The most important part of dealing with an on-page optimization and dually increasing the existing conversation rates, significance must be bestowed on the placements of the important, rather, comparatively important things above the competitive fold. But then again, just being competitively cut out in case of varied on page optimization stand enough in this steadily developing electronic commerce, or more popularly known as e-commerce sector? No, here we have to think again. What matters beyond many other aspects is how your product responds to search engines? Is it above the cut created by your competitors?

There are six top tricks to rank your page above competitors’ ones:

Firstly, people, in a time constraint world, generally do not care much for scrolling down the page to check the 1st division of search results, let alone going to another page. Survey shows the results appearing in the top three positions are likely to influence and interest more users than the rest. The 1st result, however, dominates over the rest and is likely to get around 35 per cent of total user clicks. So the primary concern must be to jot down articles that have titles which can instantly hook the users.

Secondly, descriptions are an important part of it too. Many users go by the descriptions before the click. So a really nice description with just the hunted information should be able to work its magic.

Thirdly, follow search engine’s recommendation on certain specified requirements regarding descriptions. For instance, one may write a superb description / headline, but on exceeding 65 characters it will automatically get curtailed.

Fourthly, use of keywords is another trick. Just how many easily accessible keywords one can use affects the search. For example, keywords must always be those words that we may predict maximum numbers of users will prefer to punch in at the 1st search. The product must be able to presume well and take advantage of that by making those words the chief keywords.

Fifthly, be very specific. Again, time is of the essence. The description, keywords must be able to make the user understand at a glance what the page is all about, before your competitor gets the click.

Sixthly, use emotions and sentimental variations as much as required in the description but make sure you keep the URL clutter-free. It should be to the point, easy to catch, and professionally usable when needed.

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