Importance of Google Videos In Achieving High Rank In Search Engines

Average internet marketers do not bother putting the keyword(s) into the name of the files or the videos they display on their sites. There are very few of them who use some sophisticated methods such as applying keyword rich titles, contents or developing online videos.

Optimizing video is becoming very common these days. A term ‘Blended search’ has become quite familiar in the field of internet marketing. It is a method of showing maps, stories, news, feedbacks, images and videos along with the regular search results. The easiest way to improve the page ranking can be done by optimizing the video contents taking the benefit of blended search.

Search engines like Yahoo and MSN still display the standard search results for their searched items mostly, where the most popular search engines Google offers blended search. Google not only shows the blended search i. e. showing the videos but most of the time these videos rank above the text pages on the first page.

The most attractive thing is that the searched keywords for which Google provides video results have far better chance of appearing on the first result page than any other keywords. Still there are only a few internet marketers who show interest in optimizing videos and this is the reason why the most videos are not well optimized in Google’s index. Therefore, you can have a good chance of getting the best page rank if you optimize your videos sincerely.

Following are the tips using which you can optimize your videos online to achieve the best rank in search engines:

  • While inserting videos you have to use keyword rich texts as descriptions, titles or the contents related to the videos. Most of all search engines love to visit the websites that places keyword rich material describing their videos.
  • Include keyword into the filename of the videos.
  • Optimize the videos in YouTube by typing the keywords, titles and tags.
  • Try to host the videos on YouTube and insert those videos into the website of your own. According to Google, it is said that the Google algorithm consider the number of times the video has been viewed.
  • Insert the videos into the related text pages of your own website. The contents offered by the text pages which are expected to be optimized as well will be helpful in figuring out the matters of the videos uploaded by you.
  • It is also good to develop a video library in your website which can help Google in finding the video content. Writing keyword wealthy annotations for each video saved in the library will make the job further easier.
  • Google is flexible enough to recognize lots of formats like power point, screen capture or slide shows to index your videos. Google cannot see the content of your videos and searches for other methods to determine the content of your videos. As the Google spiders cannot fully read the flash content you have to submit your videos using a video sitemap.
  • Focusing on long-tailed keyword can be helpful in improving ranking. The title of the video is extremely important and the title and the search phrase should match the title of the video.
  • You should firs create a YouTube channel and the name of the channel should match your business. It would be further helpful if you give a name embedding a keyword. Though it may sometimes become difficult to find your desired name. You also have to select a name which is not more than 30 characters.
  • Try to get back links on your videos.

Optimizing videos are easier way to improve page ranking and competing with any well established site for ranking. These well-optimized videos will help you to achieve a rank in the first page in YouTube earlier than a website.

Can Virat Kohli Turn Out To Be A New Master Blaster for Indian Cricket Team?

Virat Kohli has become the new sensation of the Indian Cricket Team. The batting monster who belted out a smashing 183 runs off a mere 148 balls in the last match against Pakistan in Bangladesh, has reassured us that he is the one to watch out for! The heartthrob of millions of young girls and the new hero for many young aspirants, Virat Kohli has once again proved that nothing can stop him when he is in form.

Virat Kohli is a right-handed batsman who plays both at the opening and middle orders. His bowling style is right arm medium pace. He played for West Delhi Cricket Academy and is a part of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League since 2008.

Kohli, the captain of the Under-19 Indian Cricket Team, had made the country proud by winning the World Cup held in Malaysia in 2008. He then debuted in the senior Indian Cricket Team in the same year, and was also a part of the victorious team at the 2011 World Cup.

Have a look at the statistics of this amazing player and you will know why we are saying so:

First, In 85 ODI matches, Kohli has scored 3590 runs, with an average of 50.56 runs. The highest run he has scored in ODIs is 183 runs, in the last match against Pakistan on 18th March 2012. He has made a total of 11 centuries and 21 half-centuries, with a strike rate of 86.31. He has hit 341 boundaries and 19 sixes in his 82 innings, having been caught 45 times.

Secondly, Among 8 Test matches, Kohli has played in 15 innings, having scored 491 runs at an average of 32.73 runs. His highest score has been 116 runs, besides which he has scored 3 half-centuries. He has hit the boundary 48 times, and beyond the boundary thrice, getting caught 10 times.

Thirdly, Kohli has also performed averagely in the 8 T20 matches he has played. He has scored a total of 140 runs, the highest being 31 runs. He has an average of 23.33, with a strike rate of 118.64. He has hit 16 4s and 2 6s in these matches.

Kohli had previously scored a significant 133 runs against Sri Lanka in Hobart in the tri-series last month. His last few scores read- 183, 66, 108 and 133.

If statistics are to go by, there has been a trend till now that a batsman scoring 183 runs has eventually become the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Take for instance Sourav Ganguly, who had scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka in the World Cup 1999. He later went on to become the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team in 2000.

Similarly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had also scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka in 2005. He too became the Indian Cricket Team Captain in the year 2007. And now, our hero Virat Kohli has scored 183 runs against Pakistan. It would be interesting to watch if this talented batsman goes on to repeat history by becoming the Indian Captain soon.

How Re-generation Women Are Shaping Their Feminist Future!

Feminism is the radical notion that “Women” are People. An exclusive write up for all the women in this world.

In a world that has so far been dominated by the “stronger” sex, the “weaker” sex has always been looked down upon. Since time immemorial, women’s rights and interests have been suppressed by the male-dominated society. Where on one hand, women are worshipped as Goddesses; on the other hand, they are objectified, sexually exploited, discriminated against and stereotyped.

Gender inequality has been a major issue of concern for all women alike. Why is it that women are only supposed to typically remain in the four walls of the house, while only the ‘men’ of the house shall step out to earn for the family? Why can’t a woman help her man earn for the family, while he help her out in the daily chores of the house? Why is it that women can’t take a stand of their own and speak for themselves?

Feminism is something which seeks to answer these questions and define and establish equal rights for women in all segments- be it political, social or economic. It examines the roles that women play in the society and the importance of upholding the respect and dignity they deserve for it. It also aims to respond to issues such as the social construction of gender among the people at large.

With the passage of time, more and more women are becoming aware of their rights. Feminism supporters’ efforts to help women get what it rightfully theirs- in matters such as law, property, safety, voting- have changed the way women live. Such campaigns have had a huge impact in the West, as women have successfully achieved gender neutrality, equal pay for their work, reproductive rights (such as abortion and contraception) as also the right to own property.

Times have changed, and so have the way women live their lives. They are ready to challenge the male-dominated society and prove to them that they are capable of being independent and can achieve greater success than men can.

Re-generation women are getting actively involved in securing their future with the help of feminist activists. They are taking measures to help women and girl children from domestic violence and child abuse, female infanticide, sexual harassment and torture, child marriage, etc. There has also been a sea of change in the workplace rights of women, with the inclusion of maternity leave and fixed hours of work for women.

Such feminist activists do not belong to only the upper class of people, but also include women from all walks of life, who have been victims of such inequality and would like to help other fellow beings overcome their problems.

Re-generation women are now breaking the traditional barriers of stereotyping that a woman should not work, and should not question her status in the household or society. Today, there are more women who are stepping beyond their threshold and working independently. They are ably managing both work and household, at the same time, protecting themselves from any kind of exploitation in any area. They are emerging as the “stronger sex” of the future, with their feminist views and efforts.

Six Best SEO tricks to help Your CTR Rank Rise

The most important part of dealing with an on-page optimization and dually increasing the existing conversation rates, significance must be bestowed on the placements of the important, rather, comparatively important things above the competitive fold. But then again, just being competitively cut out in case of varied on page optimization stand enough in this steadily developing electronic commerce, or more popularly known as e-commerce sector? No, here we have to think again. What matters beyond many other aspects is how your product responds to search engines? Is it above the cut created by your competitors?

There are six top tricks to rank your page above competitors’ ones:

Firstly, people, in a time constraint world, generally do not care much for scrolling down the page to check the 1st division of search results, let alone going to another page. Survey shows the results appearing in the top three positions are likely to influence and interest more users than the rest. The 1st result, however, dominates over the rest and is likely to get around 35 per cent of total user clicks. So the primary concern must be to jot down articles that have titles which can instantly hook the users.

Secondly, descriptions are an important part of it too. Many users go by the descriptions before the click. So a really nice description with just the hunted information should be able to work its magic.

Thirdly, follow search engine’s recommendation on certain specified requirements regarding descriptions. For instance, one may write a superb description / headline, but on exceeding 65 characters it will automatically get curtailed.

Fourthly, use of keywords is another trick. Just how many easily accessible keywords one can use affects the search. For example, keywords must always be those words that we may predict maximum numbers of users will prefer to punch in at the 1st search. The product must be able to presume well and take advantage of that by making those words the chief keywords.

Fifthly, be very specific. Again, time is of the essence. The description, keywords must be able to make the user understand at a glance what the page is all about, before your competitor gets the click.

Sixthly, use emotions and sentimental variations as much as required in the description but make sure you keep the URL clutter-free. It should be to the point, easy to catch, and professionally usable when needed.