Snapdeal vs Dealsandyou: What is the future of e-commerce retailing in India?

In the past few years, e-commerce retailing has grown in India at a rapid pace. The convenience of shopping and the increase in the purchasing power of the consumers have enabled the unprecedented growth of e-commerce retailing in the country. is an online shopping website, which offers daily deals and discounts in various sections such as dining, beauty, lifestyle, health, entertainment, travel, etc. Customers can purchase their favorite products like apparels, mobile phones, watches, perfumes, accessories, etc. from their favorite stores and as per the convenience of location. is also an online shopping website which offers the best deals to visitors depending on their location. The deals are offered on a daily basis, with a time gap of 24-48 hours given to visitors to invite their acquaintances. A wide range of products are sold at discounted rates, with the discounts up to 90% on various products. Be it fashion, lifestyle, health, fitness, beauty, dining, entertainment, or travel, Dealsandyou has everything for everyone and at every location.

Both Snapdeal and Dealsandyou services are provided through emails or SMSes, where customers are informed about the exciting new deals as on that day. The customers just have to login to the website, select the item of purchase and click on the ‘buy’ button. A confirmation message id sent over the phone as well as the email, after which the customer can print the voucher and redeem it at the vendor’s store.

Because of the simplicity of the procedure, such e-commerce retail shops are gaining rapid popularity among customers who look for daily deals to enjoy the shopping experience and want to get the best out of it. The only matter of concern in such e-commerce retailing websites is the security of personal data of customers. However, these websites promise ample security measures to prevent misuse or hacking of data.

But as per industry experts, the future of e-commerce retailing in India is quite bright. People are increasingly getting engaged in their work schedules, which leaves little time for them to visit shops and bargain for the products purchased. Also, they prefer a shopping experience which is value for money, and the discounted prices of products on websites like Snapdeal and Dealsandyou do just that for customers.

This indicates that the trend of shopping in India is going to change soon, and the future of e-commerce retailing in India looks quite secure.

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