Wish He Had Opened The Wrapper

It was around 5 pm, when a boy walked into a CD store and suddenly saw a sweet and smiling face at the cash counter. She smiled at the boy and the boy just realized that it was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.

He said, “well.. ummm.. yeah I want to buy a CD on romantic films”.

The girl picked the best CD and gave it to him, he took out the money and paid for the CD.

“Would you like me to wrap it for you Sir?” She asked with a cute smile on her face and her cheeks going all pink. The guy nodded very sweetly and then the girl went back to her counter.

image courtesy : 101arts.net

She brought the wrapped CD for him, he took it and went back home. Again he came back the other day, ordered the CD and the girl wrapped him the CD in the similar way she did last time. This happened for almost 10 days. Everyday the guy used to come to buy a CD so that he can get a glance of her dream girl.

He was a shy guy and was afraid to ask her out. One day his mom came to know about this and motivated her son to ask her out.

The next day, the guy decided that today he ll definitely ask her out. So he went with all the courage in the mind, ordered the CD and the girl brought back the CD wrapped in a gift wrapper in the similar fashion she has been doing since 15 days now.

When she was not at the counter, the guy wrote his phone number on a paper and left that at her desk and ran away.

He decided that if she doesn’t calls him this time he ll commit suicide.

!!! Tring Tring!!!

The mother picked up the phone. Girl said, “Its me, can I speak with him?” His mother in a low voice, crying loudly, “Don’t you know baby, he passed away yesterday”. There was a moment of silence at both the places. Only thing which can be heard was boy’s mother crying.

The day passed by. His mom decided that she ll remember her son. She went to his closet where he used to keep his CD’s. She decided that she ll start off by looking at  his clothes.  As she opened the closet she found piles and piles of CDs wrapped there. She decided to open the wrappers one by one.

As soon as she opened the 5th CD, there was a piece of paper wrapped inside.

It said, “Hello boy, I think you are really cute, would you like to go for a coffee with me, love Mellissa”

Then his mom opened another CD and again found a piece of paper.

It said the same thing, “ello boy, I think you are really cute, would you like to go for a coffee with me, love Mellissa”

So basically the girl gave him the signal in the very first CD that she wrapped for him but the poor guy never opened the wrapper.

Yet again a tragic love story!!!

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