When I Wrote Letter To My Past Self

I never advice anyone to change the past. Why we should talk about change the past to make our future better? But still on someone’s request I decided to write a letter to my past self on behalf of my future self :)

My Dear Past Self,

Hope you are doing good and enjoying yourself. I know that you like “to do” lists. I am sure about this. You have my full assurance. In fact you ll have one for each day, one for each week passing by. Hopefully, you will also have one for the rest of your life too.

I know you consider yourself master of your own universe but please do not forget that there is always a sense of accomplishment from being able to chuck out some items off that list. Its a fact that you ll thrive on feeling accomplished.

In front of the world, you show that you are so cool, calm and relaxed during the exams and presentations. But remember one thing, all you need is to win the “to do” lists that is saved in your dictionary. If something is willing to be happened, it will happen and it will not only happen, but it will happen on time.

There is no absolute control on this. No body is imposing any order on you. This is your skill. This is your talent. Your strength. Your power and trust me no one else can take away this from you.

Time will come when the over grown discontentment will fester inside you. There will be no time left for you to crave anymore. I am sure you have understood what I am talking about. You have seen the flashes of my happy life that came only for short period of time.

Do you remember the time when you proposed a girl in front of entire class because you just wanted to? You remember the time when the girl you loved so much married the other guy? You remember the first love whom you made me meet again after so many years?

Trust me these little moments of rebellion will never ever change.

There will be a time when you ll have no plans except to live life to the fullest. You will trust that your life will make a positive change sooner. You will realize that it is not about choosing the right career path in your life or making all your dreams come true. It is actually the process of making yourself happy and to give life a reason for living.

You ll feel like not adjusting yourself in the precise mold but you would like to adjust yourself in the most chaotic moments of your life. This is the part of live where you ll feel yourself alive.

If not this you ll find yourself locked in an isolated room with no light. Give your life a reason of living, not for others, but for your own self. Involve people who wants to see you happy always.


Your to be Future Self

Wish He Had Opened The Wrapper

It was around 5 pm, when a boy walked into a CD store and suddenly saw a sweet and smiling face at the cash counter. She smiled at the boy and the boy just realized that it was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.

He said, “well.. ummm.. yeah I want to buy a CD on romantic films”.

The girl picked the best CD and gave it to him, he took out the money and paid for the CD.

“Would you like me to wrap it for you Sir?” She asked with a cute smile on her face and her cheeks going all pink. The guy nodded very sweetly and then the girl went back to her counter.

image courtesy : 101arts.net

She brought the wrapped CD for him, he took it and went back home. Again he came back the other day, ordered the CD and the girl wrapped him the CD in the similar way she did last time. This happened for almost 10 days. Everyday the guy used to come to buy a CD so that he can get a glance of her dream girl.

He was a shy guy and was afraid to ask her out. One day his mom came to know about this and motivated her son to ask her out.

The next day, the guy decided that today he ll definitely ask her out. So he went with all the courage in the mind, ordered the CD and the girl brought back the CD wrapped in a gift wrapper in the similar fashion she has been doing since 15 days now.

When she was not at the counter, the guy wrote his phone number on a paper and left that at her desk and ran away.

He decided that if she doesn’t calls him this time he ll commit suicide.

!!! Tring Tring!!!

The mother picked up the phone. Girl said, “Its me, can I speak with him?” His mother in a low voice, crying loudly, “Don’t you know baby, he passed away yesterday”. There was a moment of silence at both the places. Only thing which can be heard was boy’s mother crying.

The day passed by. His mom decided that she ll remember her son. She went to his closet where he used to keep his CD’s. She decided that she ll start off by looking at  his clothes.  As she opened the closet she found piles and piles of CDs wrapped there. She decided to open the wrappers one by one.

As soon as she opened the 5th CD, there was a piece of paper wrapped inside.

It said, “Hello boy, I think you are really cute, would you like to go for a coffee with me, love Mellissa”

Then his mom opened another CD and again found a piece of paper.

It said the same thing, “ello boy, I think you are really cute, would you like to go for a coffee with me, love Mellissa”

So basically the girl gave him the signal in the very first CD that she wrapped for him but the poor guy never opened the wrapper.

Yet again a tragic love story!!!

Google Bangs On With Three Most Vital Changes In SEO Landscape

SEO is no longer easy and simpler. New SEO trends have entered the market massively and your responsibilities towards your website has increased. So how is it possible to keep up the pace with such increasing trends?

I can with my experience in SEO have discussed 10 most important changes that you ll witness and which you cannot ignore at any cost, obviously if you want higher rankings.

Panda, Scraper and Farmer Updates

Often Google makes changes in its algorithm but most of the people don’t notice these changes. You probably notice the change only when Google rolled out its Panda or Farmer update.

Google guaranteed that these changes would impact 12-15% of search results, at least in United States. The sites that provided high quality content were awarded because of this and those who were link farm content sites got penalized massively.

The best example here is mahalo.com. This website ranked for more than 30K keywords before the update and only 9K keywords after the Panda update i.e. more than 70%. Before the update mahalo.com ranked with Zealand Air, digg, etc in top 10 and after the update they fell out of top 200 results also.

Also, the Scraper update that entered the market a year later, targeted only the scraper sites. Matt Cutts has always tried to eliminate those sites who copy original content from others or have a poor quality articles written in their sites.

This change was brought in the lime light only to show searchers the fresh and original content rather than the scraped and duplicate content.

Caffeine, Google’s new search index

Google offered the largest number of web content than anyone else can think of with the help of Caffeine which is an SEO change. It allowed more than 45% of fresher results for web searches.

Google confirmed that this was not an algorithm change but a revamped version on the way they index. With the image below you might get a clear cut idea.

We can clearly see that the older index was in the form of layers. So the upper layers were indexed very quickly, but the layers at the bottom took significant time in showing the results. With the help of caffeine, Google can now analyze the web in small batches and it is updated on a regular basis. So basically every new page can be easily added directly to the index. Searchers can now find fresher information much faster and easily.

Unexpected changes in SERP

Caffeine really brought significant changes in the search results. It started offering wider range of content to the searchers. Before caffeine was introduced in the lime light, Google used the standard version of showing results, something like this:

After caffeine was introduced, we get to see something like this:

The best part about this version is that you can change your search focus in whatever way you want depending upon your needs. With so many changes it is really becoming difficult to challenge the game played by Google. Your content needs to be highly optimized in order to get better rankings.

Mayday Update

I don’t know how many of you noticed about this change earlier in 2010. It was not at all a ranking change, but an indexing change. With this update we came to know that sites which are getting less or no traffic, they were also getting indexed. E-commerce websites were effected badly because of this change. These sites have loads of item pages that don’t have enough links going to them and are several clicks away from the home page. Also there was no guarantee of quality content on these pages.

It has been checked that these item pages do not get loads of external links and the content for them are generally taken from the database. The Mayday change helping these pages rank better with at least long tail queries.

Merge Between Yahoo and Bing

The merge between the two happened a while ago, but I believe that the SEO is still the same for each one of them. You create original content with targeted keywords and I can guarantee you, both the search engines will love it equally.

Like Google, Bing also puts higher priority on external links though. Always remember that if there is a crawl error in your code errors, it will prevent Bing from indexing your site.

Advice: If you are targeting Bing, then please make sure that your domain name have keywords in it. Good title tags with appropriate keywords are equally important.

It is important to pay attention on these three vital changes that was done by Google in the year 2010-2011.  Just because Google has the authority of more than 60% of all the searches, it doesn’t mean we should ignore Bing.

It is vital for you to work your way with these changes to get an idea of where your site is heading to?

With the results, obviously, you can determine your higher priorities.