Is it the end of Rule of CPI(M) in West Bengal after 34 years?

She is a politician, poet, feminist, painter, firebrand orator, social worker and an attorney, she is today the best example of a leadership for the students of IIM’s. There is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to step into her shoes, well am sorry, hawaii chappals. The assembly results on Friday in West Bengal will decide the fate amongst many other things and also the future cost of the Left parties. I have already been watching the news channels where it shows a positive results of the exit polls to make a clean sweep by Trinamool Congress headed by our own didi (as she is better known as in West Bengal). But things are not so easy as it seems. There is still a flicker of belief and hope for the Left when the forecast of Kerala is concerned.

"CPI (M) dekhe ja Momtar Khomta"

I personally want that the congress led UDF should form the government in Bengal but there are some psephologist who on the basis of their polls are very confident that Achutanadan can win it for LDF all alone with his honest profile image for the second consecutive time. Ofcourse we cannot predict on the basis of these people and we have to wait and watch how things take their own shape, but one thing is for sure i.e. Left is on the back foot as of now no matter they are part of an alliance expected to win in the districts of Tamil Nadu and Pudicherry.

Its been almost 34 years that CPI (M) has been controlling the government in Kolkata and with this the Left’s control in Bengal will be one of the most phenomenal development in the history of country’s democracy. I still remember before the six phase poll was announced, the CPI (M) themselves accepted the truth of their diminishing popularity. This happened because large number of party nominees diverted their mind to congress. This truth is essential because it was accepted by themselves in front of entire media.

Another important point is that the forces which are resisting the changes cannot survive for too long especially in states like Bengal. There was a time when the entire generation was in support of the red flag and many of these people din’ t even realise that winds of change were blowing in their surroundings itself. I personally respect few Left leaders and its high time for them to introspect the parties.

The policies of Left are now flawed and some of its leaders shows needless arrogance which are not accepted by the masses any more. I have no problems with Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, he is in deed a well meaning man and a respectful leader but the problem is in his party that has not been able to live up to the expectations of the people as promised.

Left needs to understand that change in Kolkata is very natural and it is the best time to freeze Kolkata. This city in particular has a whole new generation and it has to be one of the best cities of the countries. Kolkata have to keep abreast from the entire nation rather than being addicted to an outdated ideas and beliefs.

Now we just need to wait and watch the reaction of Left and how they cope up after their defeat in Bengal on Friday. I personally wish Mamata Banerjee a very bright future ahead who has singularly shown that if you determination and courage, nothing can stop you from rising high. Well goes with her party’s slogan in bengali “CPI (M) dekhe ja Momtar Khomta” which means CPI (M) dont ever challenge the courage and determination of Mamata.