Mr. Obama, “Why can’t we label Pakistan a Terrorist State”?

The horror of the Mumbai terror attacks still sinks within the mind of people in India and the cry of the victims still resound in our ears. The Taj is now termed as the testimony to the terrorist brutality and Indian people stands united to seek an explanation from the US and the Indian Government. The question that is set in the mind set of people is – “Should the Indian Government use their diplomatic power tools to pressurize the US government and the global communities to label Pakistan as a terrorist state?”

President Barrack Obama heralded the defining partnership between US and India during his visit to the largest democracy of the world.

The magnificence of the ceremony was kicked off heavily on diplomacy. Obama met the Prime Minister privately and then both the leaders took the questions from the press. Obama spoke to press about counter terrorism, climate change, economic growth, regional security, employment etc. Obama also promised to the press that he will reinvigorate the midcourse corrections with his domestic agenda with the face of American Congress.


Mr. Obama believes that Pakistan based extremists are like a cancer disease with a potential to engulf the entire country within seconds. He confronted his support for Pakistan and his speech was an added advantage for the media because he spoke in Mumbai where the memories of a terror attack in 2008 was very fresh that killed 166 in the city. Obama declared the US is not at all acting as a middle man between the India and Pakistan.

Obama also assured that he will try to recalibrate his presidency across the globe from what happened in the past week’s elections in US. “It seems that people of America is willing to have a change too soon”.

“The people are very frustrated about the economy which resulted a losing control of one of the chambers in congress”, he added. He also said that the mid course corrections will be the matter of being me as a discussion in the Republican Party. It seems from the words of Obama that he reflected the new political reality. He said that the US government will compromise on the extending tax cuts not only for middle and lower class but also for the rich people at least temporarily and promised to bring down the federal deficit as soon as possible.

Obama was very sure that he will make his discussions very casual on the expressions of his visit to India. It proved a good spirited attempt by the President and his wife to dance with the school children and also celebrated Diwali with them. A boy came to him from the same school and uttered in his ears, ” Sir, I am feeling very proud”. Obama looked at the boy and told him, “These words should have been said by me rather.” Later Obama discussed with them about their Science projects.

The main attraction of his visit was his speech at the St. Xavier’s College. That was the center piece of the day for the people of India. Obama used his town hall format to held a discussion with the students offering advice to them where he held room for only six questions for them. The best question which I personally liked was :

“Why is Pakistan always so important an ally to America, so far as America has never called it a terrorist state?”

The murmurs from the audience was heard. Obama smiled and looked towards the student and said, “I knew it was coming.”

Obama asked then, “Why do you think Muslim dominated Pakistan and Hindu majority in India gone to war?” Indian officials has always accused Pakistan Intelligence that they have done not enough to crack down on the Pakistan based extremists which were actually responsible for the attack at the Taj. Pakistan still encircles the ties between India and America as an effort by its old rival Afghanistan.

To his beloved audience, he said, The Pakistan Intelligence is well aware of the dangerous elements that hide and operate within the borders. We should not forget that Pakistan like India has its own strategic importance, he added.

” I assure each and every people of India that we will talk with the Pakistani Government to eradicate the extremism which is considered as a cancer which can engulf the entire nation.” Still you need to talk Mr Obama? Its high time take some actions. We have been talking since ages.

I really don’t understand till when Obama will be encouraging the peach talks which shows no results. He was being an optimist when he said that India and Pakistan have to arrive at a conclusion with their own understandings. Obama was actually stumped with the question asked by the little girl and as usual he blustered his way through.

We will be waiting for your answer Mr. Obama. Do you really feel that Obama’s visit to India will help India with its economy and harmony?