You Stop Smoking and I will Stop Dieing

I knew someone with yellow fingers

that was mainly because of Nicotine

Everyday with his all strength he tried to scrub them

Even then he was unable to get them clean

Now when I am all alone

I know I have cancer in all my bones

my lips have got all rusted and teeth are now busted

my eyes are now red

I guess I am half dead.

People call me a wacko

only because I started smoking plenty of tobacco

People used to call me an healthy individual

with all my body parts so clean

but today they look like rusted potatoes,

badly friend in margarine.

Smoking tobacco will not bring any fun

It is as dangerous as a gambler’s gun

It has always done so bad

makesĀ  you and your family so sad

leave tobacco and be cool

Don’t make yourself the biggest fool

Lets stop the smoke

or else,

You will be left only with a joke

Just say to it a big NO

And let the people know

that it is something very cruel and bad

and then see the world with a different glow

If you don’t stop smoking

your death will soon be coming

Guys please remember,

smoking is a big pain

Live a complete smoke free life

show the world you can live again.