The ABC’s of ME and only ME

A – Always argue in favor of LOVE

B – Best Feature in ME : Smile

C – Could do without : Show Off

D – Dreams and Desires : to have a Degree of World’s Best Husband

E – Essential Requirements : Love, Love and only Love

F – Favorite pass time : Making Love

G – Good in : Love Making

H – Have Never Tried : a Loveless Life

I - If I had million pounds : I’d buy only Love

J – Jealous of : Other Lovers

K – Kind Spirit : A partner like Juliet

L – Lesser known fact about ME : I always fall in love, never rise in it

M – Memorable Moment : When I met Her

N – Never again I will : Leave her alone

O – occasional likeliness : Chocolates

P - Profession : Pampering Her

Q – Quote : When You LOVE, then only you ll be Loved

R – Reason to be Happy : Best Life Partner

S – Sorry for : My 1st Girlfriend, she lost gem of a person

T – Things to worry : Fear of Losing her

U – Uninterested in : showing Ego

V - very afraid of – Living a life without her

W – Worst habit : very emotional

X – Xtra attachment : only with my partner

Y – Yummiest dessert : Her lips

Z – Zodiac Sign : Cancer

By Saurabh Dhanuka Posted in myself