We Made Love in the Rain

We stepped out of the station into the street

And all I could hear was like patter on our feet

It was like a magical moment near the ocean

we were caught in its smell, and started moving in slow motion

I still think of those days all alone sitting in the rain,

all bout my sorrows and pain

The way the thunder was crashing down the lane,

without You in my life I am going insane.

I moved close to her with my hands on waist,

without any rush, without any haste

with falling of the rains, the big round moon shines

She held my hands in her and said, “You are mine”.

The rain was falling hard which soaked our hair

we had our eyes focused on each other as if we don’t care

I slowly whispered, “I love you, I swear”

Promise me, “you will always keep smiling without any tears”.

I will always love you

maybe you won’t believe me but that’s really true

She smiled at me with all her bliss

brought her lips near mine, and then we kissed.

I still remember the way rain was dancing all around,

and I kissed my sweetheart without making any sound

I held her in my arms too firm and tight

It was like angels falling from sky, such a lovely sight.

She kissed my eyes with all her ecstacy

That single kiss made my emotions set free

She pulled my lips for the romantic toll

It was like my body was losing all control.

She loves me so much, I couldn’t believe

I cannot take her out of my mind, i need her to breathe

I started looking in her eyes,

She whispered again, “I love you too” and my heart started flying.

If you really believe in true love

love your love in the rain and give her that feel,

All your sorrows will be washed away in the rain

With just one kiss in the rain.