I wish I could make my own Destiny

It’s a nature of a human being to transform themselves into something better so that they can acquire a new destiny. This world is the only visible aspect of God with all the invisible forces that plays on the rhymes and always remain unknown to us. I am not sure whether there are any chemicals which can turn the metals into gold, but certainly there are some forces which are manipulating my life.  The consciousness inside me is helping me to evolve better and it is working with my destiny to turn my dreams into reality.

The interaction between the two people is like mixing of two chemical substances, if anything happens both ought to be changed equally. What is this change?

I can cook few things really well, but I never knew I would cook something so extraordinary. It is just a way of comprehending my way of telling you the story, a story of two people, called Samantha and Jack. All you need to do is :

  • Take both these two human ingredients, Samantha and Jack and mix them well
  • Both of them are totally different in personalities and separate in everything they do.
  • Tie them in a relationship and put them together forever in a sweet home
  • All you need to do is, apply some heat, the heat of love and passion, sexual desire, emotions, difference of opinions, intellectual thoughts, day to day circumstances and admiration.

I was very closely observing both of them when mixed. A new entity of mixture was created with their individual essence and intelligence. Both of them had their own identities, very independent of each other and totally different from the people who generated it.

How can two person with different circumstances and beliefs can stay together is beyond my thoughts? How two people from different walks of life takes their life to a new level is not understood by me? The best thing is I was a part of this entire cooking once. Not all the dish cooked by you will be appreciated by everyone, but your duty is to cook a food that is appreciated by everyone. Likely, not all people will bring the worst in us, there are some of them who can bring the best in us too. This is no where related on how we treat our partners.

There was a time when I suffered everything negative, but I turned the entire thing into positive which was a blessing to me. Its quite natural to feel sad when you see your partner losing his/her self confidence with no motivation in life. Many times even the deepest love between the two people cannot stop the demotivation factor in yourr partner.

The destiny is not made by us. Sometimes a couple who are not destined to be together are forced to be together in a knot for a lifetime and many times it happens that people who have everything in common with all the love and deep attachment are bound to stay apart.

I have seen both the sides of this life.

Destiny rules us and we are just puppets in its hand. I have seen many failed relationships and the main reason of failing is unintentional actions from both the partners. They should understand that every relationship will have circumstances but when the relationship starts having conditions then I guess we should put an end to that relationship. Its better for us to start working on our relationships than blaming each other for stupid issues.

Always remember, anything that happens both will be affected and not the only one of them.

It is not difficult to keep relationships going. All you need to do is trust each other with all love and blessings.  Its just need vigilance and efforts to keep up an healthy relationship.

P:S: This post is only the matter of a story

Twenty-one Signs You have reached your teens

  1. You start keeping more beer in the fridge than food.
  2. You start having sex in a twin bed which is supposed to be out of question.
  3. 6 A.M. becomes the time of going to bed instead of coming out of it.
  4. You start singing your favorite song in the bathroom.
  5. You start watching FTV instead of UTV
  6. Your friends start with hook ups and break ups instead of just being friends.
  7. You start taking hookahs in lounges with your girlfriends instead of with your friends.
  8. You start planning vacation with your friends instead of planning it with your cousins.
  9. You start wearing all funky denims.
  10. You start disturbing your neighbors with loud music.
  11. You start telling sex jokes in front of your parents too.
  12. You start watching Britney Spears instead of watching Kareena Kapoor.
  13. You feel like sleeping in the couch instead of in a sofa.
  14. You ask for a bike instead of a cycle on your birthday.
  15. You start taking snaps of beautiful women instead of beautiful scenery.
  16. You start going on a date with every beautiful girl.
  17. You start creating your account on Facebook and Orkut instead of Gmail and yahoo.
  18. You start taking brunch instead of breakfast and lunch.
  19. You start going to pharmacy shop to buy condoms instead of buying medicines.
  20. You start visiting bars and discos instead of snacks bars.
  21. You start lying to your current girl friend for your to be girl friend.