When He Kissed her

It was too late when I reached home. My wife served me my favorite meal. As usual she was looking gorgeous. I was sure from past few days that I will tell her everything. I guess this was the best time. I help her hand very softly and told her, “Baby, I gotta tell you something.” I could see the pain in her eyes. She wanted to cry like she never did. I never wanted to tell her those things but I had no other option. I wanted to tell her that how desperately I want a divorce from her. She didn’t look upset and asked me with her beautiful and soft vice, “Why?” I din wanted to answer her at any cost. She became angry and started throwing the dishes. She screamed, ” You are not the man I loved.”

I will never forget that night. We din exchanged a word that night. She kept on weeping. She din had her dinner also. Only thing that was going in her mind was the reason of my asking for a divorce. I couldn’t give her any satisfactory answer. I was speechless. How can I tell her that I had lost all my love and heart to a lovely, beautiful girl called Alice. “I dont love you anymore, all I can do to you is just feel pity”, I wanted to tell this to her but I stopped!!

I was feeling very guilty of my deeds. But the prettiness of Alice forced me to draft a divorce letter for her. I am a human after all and I never wanted her to suffer anything in life. In the letter I clearly mentioned that She can own our US house, 40% of the shares, any of the car she likes, etc. She was crying as she hold the divorce letter. She tore them into pieces. I was just thinking that a person with whom I spent 12 years of my marriage life has become a stranger to me all of a sudden. I felt sorry for her but more than that I was feeling that love for Alice.

She cried loud, she wanted to hug me, but I stepped back. For me her cry was a sense of relief that she has agreed to sign the divorce paper. I was looking for this day since quite a long time and finally it happened.

The very next day after all this drama I came home late and went straight inside my room to sleep. I saw her scribbling something on the paper. I din gave it a look because I wanted to sleep after spending my lovely day with my love. I slept and woke up at 7 in the morning. To my amazed I saw she was still writing something on the paper.

I never knew something like this would happen. It was her divorce paper with some terms and conditions. She wrote that she dont need anything from me. All she wanted was one month time for the divorce because it was their son’s final exams and she din wanted to disturb her soon with the broken marriage.

Without thinking I agreed to her terms. But this was not the end of it. She made me sit in front of her and asked me to recall the lovely moments which me and her had spent together. How I used to kiss her? How I used to hold her tight in my arms? How I used to lift her in the shopping mall? I am sure she was getting crazy in her own world.

I went to Alice and told her my wife’s conditions for the marriage and she couldn’t stop laughing. It was acceptable by Alice too because she knew its a matter of only one month and then i am all hers forever. So all I had to do is to pretend in front of our son how much I love my wife.

So, we decided that both of us will act very easily in front of our son. She hugged me in front of Andy (thats my son). He clapped. As soon as she hugged me I could smell the fragrance of her beauty. I somehow realized that I haven’t looked at this woman properly since quite a long time. She was looking stunning with her hair fully wet. For sometime I thought What have I done to her?

The very next day when she was in the kitchen, I lifted her in my arms. I could feel that intimacy that I have shared with this woman for 12 years. I wanted to awake my manly nature but I stopped. Again, the day after I realized that my feelings of intimacy towards her is growing more and more. Obviously I dint tell Alice about all this. I showed all my manly nature in my gym. I started working out for hours. I know I was frustrated because I couldn’t even kiss her.

One evening I was having tea in the sitting room when Andy came and said, “Dad, I think you don’t love my mom anymore?” I was simply shocked to hear this. I told him, ” Its nothing like that son, Its just that me and your mom has become old now”

I started thinking again has she become too old? Or me? “I don’t think so?” She was in her room lying down, sleeping peacefully. I could see her innocent eyes all filled with tears. I went closer, kissed her forehead and then her cheeks. It just reminded me of our wedding night.

It was the last day of togetherness. Our son was not at home. I hugged her tightly. I just drove the car at full speed and went to meet Alice. Alice was waiting for me desperately. She wanted me to give her the signed documents by my wife. She opened the door with a champagne in her hand. “Alice, I cannot leave her. I don’t want any divorce.”

She thought I am telling all this because of lack of sleep. ” I removed her hand from my forehead and said , ” I am serious”. My marriage life became dull in these few years and that is because me and my wife stopped loving each other with that intimate feelings” I love her and will always be hers. Alice gave me a tight slap and slammed the door on my face. I hardly cared that slap because I deserved that.

I stopped at the florist shop, took the bunch of roses and in the card I wrote, ” I will always love you no matter how old we become”

I reached home, hugged her and kissed her everywhere possible. I cried out loud, she cried too.

The details whether big or small does matters in every relationship. Properties, shares, cars can only add happiness in our lives but cannot be a happiness in themselves. Always remember that you have to be your spouse’s best friend first and then lover. Always try to build a sense of intimacy in each other.

If you share this article nothing wrong will happen to you, but you might save a marriage. We teach people by not saying but by doing the right things. Obviously you cannot chose how you will die but I am sure you can chose the way you want to live.

P:S: This article was written for those who are married and for those too who intend to get married sooner or later!

This worries me more and more

I am not sure who she is? How come she surprise me every single day of my life?

The days come and go, she wakes up in the morning but again she goes to sleep because she never wants to miss her dreams. That is the only place where she finds an ultimate peace. There are many days when she doesn’t wants to wake up at all. There were days when she failed to recognize the person in the mirror. She feels she is not herself anymore. Yes, that girl worries me a lot. Her attitude, her behavior worries me a lot.

There were days when she felt aggravated and fragile, dejected with fury and she keeps on thinking whats next? What to do next? This worries me a lot. She has become so clueless about her being herself. She wants something badly in life but she is scared to put a finger on it. She needs it again. She wants to fall in love again.

It shows that she has become too content to herself. The kind of ambiance which she has started giving can attract the whole lot of honey bees also. She is so assured and assertive about her decision. The days went by and her triumph approaches to envy her fragrance. She is aware of the dreams she is following, she has full faith in them and she knows if she continues doing this, God will turn her dreams into reality. These things worries me more and more. Her assurances has got no support from anyone and might fall at any point of time.

There are days when she looks more and more beautiful, very pretty and her deep green eyes reveals all the vividness of her beautiful dreams. But then she feels heart broken, she cries and she just wants to be in solitude around the four walls of her room. She is true on what is happening inside and she is always carried away by her physical appeal. She shies more than a sun, she is darker than a tunnel and this worries me more. I am sure one day she will drown in her own thoughts.

There are days when she only laughs and then after those happy moments she again cries. She laugh so hard that she couldn’t stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks. Her room fills with all sounds of happiness. When she is happy she wants everyone to laugh on her own expense. She then becomes people’s person and that is actually worries me. She is too sweet to handle people.

Many times it happens that she loves the way there is no tomorrow. But then other day her love turns out into lust. The lust is much tolerable than her love. She knows it very well that her lust will lead her into the darkness of thorns and she would never get the roses again. It is really painful for me to accept her in that situation.

Some days she is very hurt but the other day she is so happy that she cant stop herself from smiling and laughing. Many times it happens that she picks any ordinary lover from the crowd and falls in love with him. Though she is sad, yet she never make this feel in front of the crowd of million people. Some days she is able to survive herself from the cruelties but then next day she dies again. I am sure she doesn’t know her right destination.

I know who she is, but I do not know who she is?

I worry for her from bottom of my heart and I just wish she remains happy forever wherever she is.

I want to get away from her worries. I am not known to her yet she worries me a lot.