“I am innocent”, we are with you Schapelle Corby

Its 4 pm now and I am almost too tired. I always try to keep things very light in my blog so that people enjoy each and every part of it. I always feel the need to share important stories with you. This is how I involve myself with different things and try to make a difference.

It was 7 pm and I was relaxing at my home and then I decided to turn on the idiot box. I felt the need to watch the lovely documentary film on the Ganja Queen and trust me I was deeply moved by her story. I am not sure whether you have heard about “Schapelle Corby“. I am sure none of you haven’t or maybe few of you have read her name in news.

Corby is an Australian woman who was charged by the Government of Indonesia when she was trying to smuggle “Marijuana” and “Ganja” in Indonesia.

I am sure you would like to know what was in the documentary film? The documentary showed the live footage that she shot with her hidden camera of her family throughout the trial period. The footage describes the sad story of poor Corby about the crime which she says she never committed. What was the result of her crime? The Government of Indonesia sentenced her for 20 years.

The story is very touching. How can the Government send someone and that also a woman to prison for 20 years even when there was 1% of doubts and that also for a non-violent offense? Is it justifiable to ruin a life of a young woman in order to satisfy the disgusting legal system??

Corby dint even mind using her real name. She was on vacation with her family and she had no records of drug addiction too. Not only this her urine tested negative for any kind of drugs in her body at the time of this trial. There was no rational motive too and also the fingerprints of the bad din matched with the bad which had the marijuana. How can this be termed as a fair trial??

During the incident the Government of Indonesia claimed that she was carrying “Hydro”, which is a type of ganja found in the coastal areas of Bali. The Indonesian Government made it as a big issue as if there was no crime bigger than this. Moreover, the Media people of Indonesia started calling her the “Ganja Queen”. Not only this the media people started publishing all false news about her family and also linked her with underworld. The only thing that Indonesian Government wanted was her death.

Finally it was a time for the Australian Government to reply back. They appealed to the court that the baggage that was found in her bad has been kept by some corrupt custom officers at the airport. But nothing worked in favor of her and she was sentenced for 20 years. Several appeals were made but everything in vain. She was sentenced the punishment.

All i want from all of you is to help her if you can :

  1. If possible watch the documentary on HBO or you can make a special request to your cable operator
  2. Write letters to the Government of Indonesia for intervention and assistance
  3. you can sign the petition and spread your words with the help of social networking site
  4. Send care packages to Corby and make her feel that you stand for her and care for her

This was the best way to let many of you know about injustice that has happened to Corby. The documentary is called as Schapelle Corby: The Hidden Truth. There is also a telefilm called the “Ganja Queen”.

After some research I came to know that in the entire incident her one of the brother was involved with it, though I was not able to gather much information on this.  With all these incidents her father got an heart attack and he died. One thing is for sure and that is I do not have faith either on the Indonesian Government nor the media people of Australia. They are just selling her story for some big bucks.

I am sure if this was happened with any US resident then the trial would have been completely different. I have sincere hopes from all of you that please do something for Corby. She needs our help badly.

My heart goes out to Schapelle. I just wish you are in proper condition and I am sure we will do something for you soon!!