Yes, I live in Calcutta and I am Proud of it!!

There are many cities in India that still strives to rise above ethnicity. If you tell a person living in Mumbai, that he is from a Maharashtrian city, he will take it as a offense, until and unless you are talking to Bal Thackeray and his family members. He would like himself to be called as a cosmopolitan. Tell a person staying in Delhi that he is from a Punjabi city, he would like himself to be called a citizen of India’s Capital. Moreover, tell a person staying in Bangalore that he lives in a kannadiga area and he will start giving you technical lectures and will argue on how Bangalore is more cosmopolitan that Mumbai.

The Beautiful Howrah Bridge @ 9pm

Come to Calcutta, the only way to understand what Calcutta is all about is to recognize that the city is essentially Bengali and nothing else. Not a single Bengali mind will come and tell you that we are the citizen of Bengal or a metropolitan city or anything else. A Bengali is proud to be called a citizen of Calcutta because his strength and weakness lies in the fact that Bengali is his pride, rather only pride.

It has got its own disadvantage i.e. the sudden passions, the like to respond to the smallest provocation also and it has got its own advantage too. Calcutta itself stands for the culture, the Bengali love, the win of intellectual over greediness, the warmth of genuine humanity, the beautiful emotions which are completely transparent, lastly, the supremacy of emotions over all the aspects of human existence.

the very very beautiful Victoria Memorial

the very very beautiful Victoria Memorial

And that is the reason Calcutta is not for EVERYONE.

People who wants their city to be clean and green can stay in Delhi, people who want a rich and impersonal life can go back to Mumbai. If you want a hi-tech city please go to Bangalore, but if you want love, emotions, culture please come to Calcutta.

When I think of Calcutta, I don’t think of any other place. I agree that when I am thinking of Calcutta I never focus on the greenery of maidan, the superfast metros, the all time beauty of Victoria Memorial, the bustle lanes of Burra Bazaar. What I focus is on the people of Calcutta and their love.

The lip smacking “rosugullas” of Kolkata

Be in Calcutta and you will learn the real meaning of love and caring, emotions and feelings, the human decency, the true warmth, about love and friendship. A city is a complete sum of its people. A city nobody can forget or replicate. Here people judge each other on the things that are really important. If you are living in Bombay there people will judge with your bank balance. But in Calcutta people realized that being rich will never make you a better person.

Life is more than about money, which people of other cities ignore very often, the culture, ideas, art, passion and most importantly the love. In Bombay, a person having a relatively low income will be more interested in spending some amount of his money on share market and in Calcutta a person with the same income does not even know the difference between shares and debentures.

He will spending those hard earned money on things that are really important to him. A person living in Calcutta will make sure that his children gains a proper and correct knowledge. They encourage their children to dance and sing. He will make sure he eats a fresh fish everyday. For him and his family, the religion and culture will always go hand in hand.

Metro Trains, the Richest Heritage of Kolkata

Metro Trains, the Richest Heritage of Kolkata

For a Bengali, Durga Puja is more important than calling “Jai Shri Ram” 108 times a day. He will never believe in any meaningless rituals. He only believes one thing. That is the Durga Puja is an essence of all the passions of a Bengali, his culture, love, emotions, warmth of being together, the ultimate joy of celebration. They feel great pleasure in competing with each other on pandal making.

The pandals here have featured each and every great celebrity starting from Amitabh Bachchan to Saddam Hussain. As soon as Durga Puja comes the whole city unites together and participate in the worship of beautiful Maa Durga.  To understand Durga Puja is is very important to understand Calcutta first from inside as well as outside. Its not a easy task buddy.

Durge Puja celebration in Kolkata (2008)

Durge Puja celebration in Kolkata (2008)

Certainly you can’t do that until and unless you come and live here. Wherever you go Calcutta will go for you. Guaranteed. Its a feeling that will never go away. I am proud to be a part of such a beautiful city. I cherish all the moments of my life I have spent here.

What are your lovely moments associated with Calcutta. Please share your views. Thank you!

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15 comments on “Yes, I live in Calcutta and I am Proud of it!!

  1. The one place I actually miss being in, right now. It has everything. Yes! EVERYTHING you want. Garments at a reasonable price, best chinese food on earth, fuchkas[gol gappes/pani puri], bengali sweets <3 , freshly fresh fishes! Anyone who has lived there for atleast more than a month or two will definitely fall in love with Kolkata.

    Good post, Saurabh. You brought back a lot of memories :)

    YUM @ rasgullas. =)
    Best lovers' spot with some Jhal muri @ Victoria Memorial
    Gorgeous Ganges under Howrah Bridge.

    I can't stop looking at those images.

    • hmmmm… Ani it seems that you have had loads of bhel muri near victoria memorial… ok to make you feel jealous.. I jus had 3 rosugullas ;)

  2. Hi friend,You are amongst the true bloggers. I am not saying this as you have achieved many milestones(blogger award) for your blog, but I am a big fan of your writing style. When you come up to focus anything you do not only stick to that point, you also focus on other related topics that becomes helpful for any one. So I will personally suggest you not to stop writing. Go on writing. The journalism is there in your blood. :) :)

    • Thank you so much Rajesh.. It is a testimonial for me .. thank u once again.. I will definitely never leave writing.. its my passion.. u know it.. :) :)

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  7. Hey Saurabh,

    I am planning to add an album on the City of Joy so while i was surfing for pictures i came across your blog and
    I liked the Metro Trains (the Richest Heritage of Kolkata). It’s really a wonderful one the pic that fits my album. I hope you dont mind me adding the pic to my orkut album………

    Take Care
    Have fun

    Namith Sudhakaran

    Note: I will only upload it when you approve my permission…

  8. wow got chance to kno more bout calcutta…actually we the students frm nepal r coming india for a camp as a part of our course and visiting various places of indial including howrah!
    was searching for sum cheapest accomodation and luckily got chance to see this blog
    this blogtend to fruitful
    if luck favours we’d definately visit these places.
    thank U

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