Experience the Underwater Adventure with Blue

“Blue” is Aki’s favorite color and Blue is the name of his upcoming flick which is expected to release in October, 2009. You can call this the most awaited movie of the year because of its immense stunts that has been shown especially the underwater stunts. “Blue is the movie for stunt buffs”, says, Akshaya Kumar during the promotional tour in Kolkata.

Directed by Anthony D’ Souza, the movie is inspired from some of the greatest hollywood blockbusters including “The Deep blue sea” and “the Jaws”. There were many humors regarding the story of the movie. And so I decided to find out what is exactly Blue all about.

The most expensive movie, bollywood has ever witnessed, with the budget of almost 1 billion amount. Where stunts are concerned the movie is one of the dangerous movie ever made in the history of Bollywood, adds Akshay Kumar. Swimming in the cold chilled water with sharks is not a cake walk after all. He said, “People may call it stupidity but for me it is a passion.”

The movie is about a hidden treasure which is lost underwater and the three friends Akshaya Kumar, Zayyed Khan and Sanjay Dutt decides to find out anyhow, no matter who ever they want to kill for it. Katrina Kaif will be seen for the first time in a sensous Diva act. The movie also stars Lara Dutta. The first under water adventure movie is really worth watching.

Lets hope after 3 continuous flops this time Aki proves himself the best Actor of the bollywood cinema.

Blue hits theater this Diwali!! But not to forget there is one more movie ready for a full fight with Blue and that is “My Name is Khan” which marks the comeback of Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Karan Johar together after 7 years. Which out of the two movie will make it to blockbuster, we will find out on October 16th!!

Watch the trailer of “Blue” exclusively here:

Doctors are setting up the worst example

A news came this morning from Muzaffarpur district that there are many doctors who work whole day together, helping each other with their patients but when it comes to eating, they eat by caste. Yes you heard it right. What a shame for us?

ashamed doctor

ashamed doctor

Doctors who are considered as god in our country are following such a cheap act in Mazaffarpur. “All the 150 doctors of the medical college have their lunch and dinner in the seven separate rooms”, said Mr. XYZ from the same college (name changed on personal request). This is really a shameful act. As soon as I got this news I decided to write it down in my blog so that the people of our country can know what is the mentality of medical doctors in our country.

“The menu in all the seven cafeteria is same including dal, roti, sabji and rice but the kitchens are separate for Harijans, thakurs and Brahmins”, says Anil Singh, who is a cook in the same cafeteria. Two out of seven kitchens are regarded as backward class kitchens.

When asked one of the students there, he told my source that “This is a tradition. Our seniors did it and now we following the same tradition.” Can you imagine this is what students are taught in medical colleges. He added that this tradition is followed since 70s when there was a caste movement in Bihar.

All I can do is that appeal to the Government of India to take strict actions against these colleges and the students too. Today one college is following this tradition, tomorrow the number will increase. Before it increases we should try and stop this shameful act.

Seriously doctors this was not at all expected from your part atleast!! Pheeww!!