Vikas Kedia, My CEO, My Mentor

Have you ever met a person who is born with multiple talents? I have. He is an MBA, a professional techy, an entrepreneur and a CEO. Everyday we come across many people who have some dreams in mind which they like to fulfill some day or the other. But the person I am talking about has totally different thoughts whose dreams were big and who knew how turn those big dreams into reality. I am talking about Mr. Vikas Kedia, CEO of my company, InterNext Technologies Inc. A man with a vision, infact loads of visions in mind which he knows he likes to fulfill with every single passing day.

Born in Kolkata, he graduated from Sri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi and finished his MBA from IIM Bangalore in the year 2000. Earlier he started his own dot com company in Bangalore. Nothing was a cake walk for Vikas Kedia. He declined one of the best rewarding job in New York ($100,000-a-year) because his vision was not limited to that. He wanted to be an entrepreneur. He also represented India at the Global Entrepreneurship Challenge that was hosted by Stanford University.

It is very obvious for us that we see things and ask “Why?”. But Vikas Kedia said “Why Not?”.  His biggest desire today is to take InterNext Technologies Inc. to NASDAQ. I read somewhere where he quoted “You dream big and rest of the things will be added by you”. This statement has made me his fan. I started reading more and more articles related to him. I am grateful to Vikas Sir who allowed me to publish an article on him in my blog. I am not doing this because I want to impress him, I am doing this because I somehow feel my friends, my folks and my relatives should know that I am working under one of the best entrepreneurs of the world.

Vikas Sir believes that to have a great company it is very important to have a strategic competitive advantages over other companies. He never says “he wants us to be like our competitors. He says we should be better than our competitors.”

He believes in output and not the input. Vikas sir always tells us that one should always learn from his own failures. There were many tough times in his life but those tough times never blocked his way in pursuing his dreams and turning those dreams into reality. He knows that tough times don’t last but tough men do. In fact he became more determined to achieve them in the best possible manner. He started doing a job where he learned all the nitty-gritty of debt consolidation and today he has got his own online debt consolidation community with more than 1,80,000 registered members today. This motivated him to start more three online communities related to mortgage, insurance and credit.

Vikas Sir as featured in Times of India article

Hard work has got no ends. He works day and night to make things work in the best possible manner. He is always taking updates from us no matter wherever he is. He will be on a call while traveling, while shopping. His hard work has got no limitation. If I ever get a chance to meet him, I will definitely ask him this, “Sir, when do you sleep?”

I am sure his hard work has made him a true leader and that is the reason we all respect him so much. Best thing about Vikas Sir is he will never see any of his employees working with poor infrastructure. He made us possible for each and every employee to work on dual monitors so that the efficiency is increased. You will not find in many companies where you are not allowed to talk over phone during work hours. But Vikas sir made this happen in our company so that each and everyone of us can focus more on work.

Most of us like to hear about our success but Vikas Sir always prefers failures. He believes that an inventor fails 999 times and if he succeeds even once, he is in. This is evident from the fact that Vikas sir tries too many things, he fails and then from those failures he learns something new and then tries to achieve it. Excellent policy Sir!!

Vikas sir always gives priority to numbers. He always wants putting quality and work into numbers. He quoted somewhere, “if something is not measurable then it is not manageable”. This is a true entrepreneur. He treats each and every problem with a coming success.

Another very good thing about Vikas Sir is that he wants all the employees to learn all the things themselves. He shows confidence in his employees and their work. He addressed to his employees in one of the interviews that he wants to create an international brand name. He suggested us to put the best foot forward and reach to the bigger goal.

Vikas Sir was featured in Santa Cruz Sentinel on 15th December, 2005

When I joined this company I had no idea what is SEO all about, but today I know what is SEO and infact now I am working in bringing more and more affiliate clients for debtconsolidationcare. Vikas sir always takes updates from me regarding the affiliate program and teaches a lot of things related to affiliate marketing. He wants to take affiliate marketing of debtconsolidationcare to the next level with the best affiliate clients. Still loads and loads of things to learn. I just want that like he started his own online finance communities I also start my own entertainment magazines one day and create an international brand name for it.

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7 comments on “Vikas Kedia, My CEO, My Mentor

  1. Incredible! Mind blowing! Great to know about some people who are God-gifted!! Indeed is a priveledge to work under Vikas sir!

  2. Nice post. Really Vikas Sir is a man of word. We hope we can emulate him in terms of internet knowledge and utilize it in our respective field. Good write-up.

  3. Its really great to know more about our CEO Mr. Vikas Kedia. I must say, its a great privilege to work with him and to gain more knowledge about our work esp. the basic fundas (which I consider to be really important)!!

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