Why is Media Hyperventilating Swine Flu?

If there is a fire at your place, how loud can you shout and ask for people’s help? I am sure not louder than news channels reactions to every crisis they report. It is quite evident from the fact when there were three deaths in pune recently which were wrongly ascribed to Swine Flu even without waiting for the test results. Media people just need a chance to blow their horn and once they get a chance nobody can stop them.

I agee that proper awareness is needed for Swine Flu (H1Nl) but not the way media is creating it. Why does Media sees the world in a tabloid form always?? Why is media hyperventilating and creating hypes regarding Swine Flu?? Why is Media spreading misconceptions in the mind of people than awaring them about correct and scientific information about the virus?? Can Media answer to these questions??

They just need a news to be published everyday. They are not concerned about anyone’s emotions and sentiments. An immediate balance needs to be created about the deadly virus than being carried away by stupid information from Media. With my blog, I would like to inform all of you about the Swine Flu. Maybe this post can help you in any possible way.

What is Influenza?

It is nothing but a seasonal viral infection. Through our natural immunity system we get immune to this atleast once in a year. The most common symptoms are fever, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing and weakness.

How is Swine Flu different from Influenza?

The most common type of flu in humans is Influenza A. Swine Flu is cause by any strain of the influenza virus endemic in pigs commonly called as swine. The new strain of swine origin H1N1 is very much responsible for the 2009 flu break out in the country. This flu is named as Swine Flu or H1N1 flu by Media.

How is Swine Flu transmitted?

typically by coughs or sneezes. Also by bird droppings, nasal secreation, Saliva, blood, contact through contaminated surfaces. Children and elder people with less immunity should be taken care of properly.

Precautions to be taken

  • staying in a good hygiene condition
  • no contact with sick people
  • avoiding touching eyes, nose, lips
  • washing hands with soaps after and before every meal

Please people stay at home and rest for at least couple of weeks if affected by Swine Flu. Please do not contact with anyone affected with this virus without a protection mask.

Do face masks really help you?

Use of face masks do help you from the swine flu virus but not completely. You have to take all the preventive measures in order to escape from this flu. However N95 respirator mask is more effective than wearing a normal surgical mask.

These masks should be provided by the Government free of cost to everyone if they really want to eradicate this virus. It is advisable to avoid crowded place, cinema halls, malls, etc where recalculated air helps the virus to ventilate easily from one person to another.

How can a person be treated in order to recover from Swine Flu?

What I came to know is that, Amantadine and Rimantadine are indicated for the treatment of Influenza A while antivirals like Oseltamivir and Zanamivir are highly recommended for the treatment and prevention of Swine Flu virus infection.

I hope everybody remembers that when couple of years ago when SARS was blown out in the country then humans automatically developed immunity to that virus. Same thing can happen with Swine Flu also. The body is already devloping the immunity so what is use of getting panic and over reacting to it??

In our country there are many infected virus like malaria, diarrhea, measles etc which media has never created so much hype but then why Swine Flu?? I am sure they are bored with news of Indian Cricket team and Rakhee Sawant.

It is really ironical that so many good health centres are not willing to accept cases of Swine Flu or they are not equipped well to handle cases of it. They can only say one thing,”Either it is too early to detect the virus or too late.” I think media should catch hold of these health centres instead wasting their time and creating false news for the people.

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6 comments on “Why is Media Hyperventilating Swine Flu?

  1. Superb blog. I totally agree to your point that there is too much hype by media on swine flu which is leading us to panic and a wrong conception of this flu. What we need is an awareness of such kind of diseases so that it can be restricted if not completely eradicated. It is good post. Keep it up.

  2. It’s plain and simple, for the media the flu is already an epidemic! What a joke!!hahaha! It seems people are dying more with the ‘media-flu’. To be more specific, people with an even a mild flu symptom are dying with FEAR more than the sickness itself!!! oooops! And people who are not prone to it yet, are beginning to imagine that they have been infected…. Holy crap!! I have one disappointment though- why are we not getting free masks (Mr.Government)!!!???

  3. @ Kalyan : thanks a lot for your comment. Creating awareness is seriously very important. If not by media we all should do it.

    @ Frampton : Media flu is more dangerous than swine flu. We should appeal to the government to provide us with the free masks.. what say???

    • Absolutely, free masks are a must! In London, all my relatives have been provided with free masks and TAMIFLU! Whole of London has these now, and they have been asked to wear it wherever they go! TAMIFLU is kept for precaution..JIC! Hence, it’s very much in control!

  4. Its really nice to see that people like u r posting the exact awareness 2 people. yes media is creating a hype amongst people but i think it is necessary 2 because in country like us awareness is greatly essential… where section of unprivileged common man is more n it is very important for them to know what swine flu is exactly. but yes section of educated person should understand what H1N1 flu is n react without creating unnecessary hazard.
    good post by u dear.

    • I totally agree with you. Awareness is very important which is not possible with only few people like you and me. thanks a lot for the comment :)

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