Why I Like Blogging?

I always wanted my views to reach the audience. There was time when it was not at all possible. But today I really thanks to the fathers of blogging, the person who introduced it (I tried to find out who it was, but dint get it) who has enabled us to express our views by the mediums of blogging.

Blogging is an inspiration to grow…

My only aim of blogging is to let everybody know what I think on a particular issue? What I believe? What according to me is correct and what isĀ  not? I guess I will definitely air my views with the help of my blog. I read somewhere to be a successful journalist you should know how to express your own views. I guess I am on the right track.

Whenever and where ever I feel that this is soemthing people should know I start noting down in my pad. That is the reason I always carry a pen and papaer with myself where ever I go. Blogging will allow me as a professional to share what I have learned in a tangible format and will solidify my learnings for later reflections.

There will be a time when I will be able to create my own knowledge base of ideas, keep imporving them and changing them from time to time as I learn new things. This process will go on contining as I grow. It is like an amazing feeling. Coming home from whole lot of working day, spending time to archieve and share my learnings, inspirations, reflections and thoughts.

All I have to do is to challenge my own mind to organise my own thoughts and to share them with the daily audience. I hope I am able to encourage my own brain everyday to form new connection everyday. Blogging will make my mind more sharp, will bring me in touch with intellectual people and lastly will improve my writing.

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By Saurabh Dhanuka Posted in blogging

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