In Love with Las Vegas

Yes it is true that I am in love with Las Vegas. The most happening place in the world,Vegas is just the place you should look for a holiday the coming winter season. Right now I guess I would not be able to afford a holiday in Vegas but will definitely one day.

Vegas is a place which will force you to spend more and more money each day you stay there. The casinos there and the Vegas shows is what for it is so famous. If you really want some entertaining to brooze up your lifestyle then Vegas is the best place to visit. I watching the movie, Hangover, the other day where the four friends spend a week in Vegas to celebrate pre-marriage activities. You can say that the movie was some how the part of an inspiration for me to visit Vegas.

No doubt, Las Vegas is the top destination to spend a week with a family and even your girl friend. I was amazed to know that out of 20 biggest hotels of US, 17 are in Vegas. World class dining, shopping, gaming, partying is all I would be looking for in Vegas. Just cant wait to see the Sin City. Let’s hope I am able to visit Vegas soon.

Why I Like Blogging?

I always wanted my views to reach the audience. There was time when it was not at all possible. But today I really thanks to the fathers of blogging, the person who introduced it (I tried to find out who it was, but dint get it) who has enabled us to express our views by the mediums of blogging.

Blogging is an inspiration to grow…

My only aim of blogging is to let everybody know what I think on a particular issue? What I believe? What according to me is correct and what isĀ  not? I guess I will definitely air my views with the help of my blog. I read somewhere to be a successful journalist you should know how to express your own views. I guess I am on the right track.

Whenever and where ever I feel that this is soemthing people should know I start noting down in my pad. That is the reason I always carry a pen and papaer with myself where ever I go. Blogging will allow me as a professional to share what I have learned in a tangible format and will solidify my learnings for later reflections.

There will be a time when I will be able to create my own knowledge base of ideas, keep imporving them and changing them from time to time as I learn new things. This process will go on contining as I grow. It is like an amazing feeling. Coming home from whole lot of working day, spending time to archieve and share my learnings, inspirations, reflections and thoughts.

All I have to do is to challenge my own mind to organise my own thoughts and to share them with the daily audience. I hope I am able to encourage my own brain everyday to form new connection everyday. Blogging will make my mind more sharp, will bring me in touch with intellectual people and lastly will improve my writing.

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Just an Introduction

Hello everyone. Since this is my first post for this blog, I wanted to introduce myself to those who doesn’t know about me. Well, I am Saurabh Dhanuka. I have completed my schooling from Calcutta, India and then completed my graduation in commerce from Calcutta University. I have a passion for writing and that is the reason I have started blogging so much. My biggest strength is my grand father and I would really like to become like him one day. I completed my Post Graduation in Journalism from Bhavan’s and have written articles for The Telegraph, The Hindustan Times, The Midday etc. My biggest ambition is to start my own news website and an entertainment magazine.

I am learning all the nitty-gritty related to them. Media is the most powerful sector today. No matter there is recession or not this sector will always have a growing graph. Today everybody wants to become an MBA or an Engineer. In fact today there is at least one MBA in every house. It has become a trend that if you are not an MBA you have achieved nothing in life. But i seriously do not agree with this and that is why decided to do something which others have not done. I opted for Journalism. I have watched all the movies related to journalism. I don’t like reading books. I know its strange for a student of journalism but it somehow not my cup of tea.

I have a very small family. My dad is a businessman and my mom is a manager of my house. She manages everything related to my house and family. I have an elder sister who completed her MBA (there is one MBA in my house too) and currently working in a private Bank as a Relationship Manager.

I am currenly working in a web marketing and media company as an Affiliate Associate. My main job is to bring affiliate clients for my company, negotiate with them for advertisements and all. I am loving my current job but I still want to fulfill my dream of starting my own news website one day. No matter where ever you are working what matters is the work experience which you are getting. It will always help you in the long run.

I like social networking too. I have started off with Twitter recently and trust me it is very enjoyable not more than Facebook though. I like swimming, badminton and ya I used to play cricket a lot but somehow do not get time for any of these due to work pressure.

I have many friends and more than friends i have enemies (Just Kidding). I usually hang around with them on Saturdays and Sundays because I do not get time to go our on weekdays.

I guess that is everything related to ME. I hope I am able to maintain this blog well and keep updating all of you with everything I can.

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